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Anya tells Becky that she has never sewn jersey before, so she'll be sewing the jersey. She interviews that she feels like an intern who is there to sew. Um, you are NOT far off with that. Josh M., who is really starting to offend me, says that, if Becky's not getting the picture he'll have to paint it for her. She'll be his bitch for this challenge and for the next challenge, she can go back to doing what she does, not what he and Anya do. It's that little bit of anger that he's showing that bothers me the most. As if he can't understand how a designer would be unhappy being treated like a tool. You can't tell me he wouldn't have a problem if the same thing were happening to him.

Heidi comes in for a consultation. Josh C. calls her the Queen of Doom and says that she's ruthless. Bryce says that she's the toughest judge when you're on the runway. He presents to Heidi his cowl-hoodie and she doesn't think it's cool or fashion-forward. Or, she questions whether it is and he takes that as a poo-poo. Heidi also doesn't like the boxiness of Kimberly's dress. Bryce feels screwed. Laura says that Bryce is a sunken ship and it's time for him to go home. She likes him a lot as a person though! She thinks he should have hung back in the race and let someone direct him. She's not wrong about that last part.

Heidi welcomes Josh C. back to the competition and he seems terrified. She makes fun of Olivier's skirt calling it "farm-y." She tries it on and Viktor tells her that it actually looks pretty cute with her jacket. Then, like a complete asshole, she says that they don't HAVE her jacket. As if everyone is going to dress head-to-toe in Heidi New Balance?!! Dumb. The skirt is cute, get over it. Tim thinks that it doesn't work with the leather jacket that Viktor is making, which may have some element of truth ("Auntie Em is not going to be getting on a motorcycle"), but I think they're missing something. There is something on trend and pretty chic about that long skirt. Stuff like that is happening or maybe is about to happen. Olivier -- and I really admire this -- says that he thinks he can prove her wrong regarding the skirt. Hmm. That's really interesting.

The consultation with Anthony's group is a mess. All of Heidi's questions are meant to instill fear and maybe that's a good thing, I don't know. I feel more like she just confuses people. Anthony tries to describe this jumper that he's making and, by the end, it sounds like he's making a salad. Bert's dress is to fancy. She asks some veiled question about the neckline on Laura's garment that makes it sound like she hates it.

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