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Josh M. sort of get his ass handed to him by Heidi. She points out that he keeps on making dresses that have to panels on the side. Then, she looks at the dress with the sexy racer back and accurately identifies it as Anya's aesthetic. Heidi asks Becky what she's doing and she says that she has sewed and patterned. Is that all she's doing? "So far." Josh shoots her some side eye, but bitch ain't lying. Tim warns her that, if her role in the group is trivialized enough, she could be, how does he say it? -- thrown under the bus. Why, Tim? I expected more from you. Anyway, Becky says that she hadn't considered that as a possible outcome.

As Heidi is leaving, she notes that there are only two more hours left in their work day. She says that she's worried, so...she's giving them until 4am to work! Everyone is thrilled! Anthony says that Heidi is really messing with them.

On Team No Wire Hangers, Anya says that Josh's dress, the one that Heidi has already seen for weeks, would make a great mini-skirt. Becky suggests that Anya help her design a top for the dress and Josh, probably because he's embarrassed that he just got called out for repeating himself, tells Becky that she designs dowdy dresses. Wow. You don't say that sort of shit in front of their colleagues. She's outta there. Josh says to Anya that Becky's demographic is "40 to death." And yours is Herpes to Chlamydia. Anya just tells him to fix it and I think that Josh thinks she's talking about the dress. She's talking about the team.

Josh and Anya follow Becky into the sewing room where she's slaving over a machine. This kid, he tells her that it wasn't meant as a bad thing. What a moron. She replies, "How is dowdy a good word, in any situation?" I mean, really. He replies, "Style-wise!" with a stupid smile in his voice and acting like he's some sort of idiot. Anya, sensing that this isn't going well, tries to gently mediate, but Becky is now pissed. She tells Josh that he asked her to make a princess-seam dress, which is what she did. So, he can't blame her for the dress being dumpy or not cool. Well...Still though, what an asshole. He tells her, in front of the whole room, that he's not going to have drama with her and she can cry or whatever she needs to do because he's not going to console her like a baby because she's a grown woman. No, what's expected is a fucking apology, beef jerky. Anya tells Becky to breathe and stop sewing, which she does because she's in tears. Sometimes, when people cry, I think that we think that they're babies or something. Sometimes though, it's because they are not people who get treated like shit a lot, because they really don't deserve it (not that anyone does). They're crying from the shock of having some little twerp with maybe the most ridiculous eyebrows on basic cable attack them with an actual deep-seated vitriol. I mean, seriously, boring though she may be, Becky doesn't strike me as the kind of girl who walks around asking for this sort of response from people. Quite the contrary, actually. Josh isn't done. He tells her to take a nap if she needs to and he'll do the sewing himself. God help the poor soul who finds himself hitched to this guy. Can you imagine if you ever got sick? "I don't feel like getting Gatorade for you right now! Just drink the Emergen-C!" Becky goes to the bathroom and sobs. Some camera guy follows her into a stall and she says, "Oh God!" and slams it shut.

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