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In the girls' apartment, Elena is wearing the most intense pink lipstick and Sonjia has donned this amazing glossy nude color. It's on. Let's do this, girls. Sonjia says that she was sad to see Nathan go, though she didn't want to see herself go either. Obviously. Then, she says that they need to kick more of the guys out of the competition. Sonjia interviews that men design clothes that they want women to wear, while women design clothes that they really want to wear. It seems like she's much more combative in her interviews than she is when she's just talking. I feel like they get her riled up somehow when she sits down. The mannequins are like whispering, "That guy killed your puppy" or some shit. I mean, her statement is just not accurate, first of all. Plenty of women love to wear clothes designed by men. You could also argue that a certain kind of man has a point-of-view/appreciation of a woman's form that some women designers are not going to be able to access. The converse is obviously true as well. Also, women don't all want to wear the same thing. Exhibit A-- Bjork and Jennifer Aniston. Then, she gets personal and says that what they women in the competition are producing is edgier than what the (eye roll) Silk Chiffonies are making. Alicia menacingly adds, "One Chiffonie at a time." Creepy. They're getting ready to leave and Sonjia jokes that they need to go see what the next challenge is so they can figure out who to sabotage. Laughs.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers wearing fabulous sequins and her hair slicked back. She asks them if they're tired yet and Christopher says no. Then, she frowns and makes a huge swiping motion under her eyes to indicate dark circles. BITCH. I love it! You know that's an old modeling thing. The pretty can be so cruel. Christopher shrieks in horror and covers his eyes (which, frankly, are bearing some signs of bagginess). Then, he jokes and pulls his face back à la a nip and a tuck and says no again. Heidi fakes pulling her face back as well and says, "I feel the same way." Christopher's all "Please." What a fun little exchange. It's like the Christopher and Heidi Show on the runway these days. It's a complete and total delight.

Heidi tells them that they will travel to 5th Avenue now and Tim and a special guest will be there to tell them about their next challenge. They arrive at the flagship Lord & Taylor (which I think is like two blocks from the Atlas Building). Gunnar interviews that it is a very classy, timeless store. It carries clothing for generations. That last part is true. The first part? Maybe timeless. I don't know how classy it is, mostly because department stores have lost a lot of their glamour. I'm not even kidding. There's just something sad about a lot of them now.

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