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Tim greets the designers and introduces them to Bonnie Brooks, the president of Lord & Taylor. Oh my goodness, she has the most delicious voice. It's like Patricia Neal in Breakfast at Tiffany's on helium. You know how I know I'm gay? I just wrote that. So, Lord & Taylor is celebrating the tenth season of Project Runway by have a collection of cocktail dresses, each designed by a different designer from each season of the show. Jay McCarroll is represented, as is Bert Keeter and Seth Aaron and Mondo and Korto. There are more, I just don't see them all. The challenge is to create a cocktail or evening dress that will fit in with the collection. The winner will have their dress produced and sold at Lord & Taylor! That's big! Fabio says that this is the biggest challenge they have had so far. Tim adds that the dresses will be available online as well, including the winner of this challenge. That's really huge. I looked online and Chris March's dress, which is pink and gorgeous, is my favorite, I think. It's also the most expensive. The dresses are all really pretty though.

Gunnar says that Lord & Taylor has "launched so many huge designers." OK, Paul Ryan, that's a nice thought but I don't think that's true. I mean, maybe Lily Pulitzer? I don't know. I just don't think that Lord & Taylor really has a reputation for launching anything. You go there to find the thing you can already picture in your head, not the thing that is going to be new and surprising. Bonnie adds one thing: the winning dress will be featured in the windows at Lord & Taylor. My talented friend, Michael Arthur, had his drawings displayed there! He's the best. Christopher says he would never leave the sidewalk if his dress were in the window at Lord & Taylor. Tim says that they will be designing for a woman who loves fashion and that's apparently the Lord & Taylor customer. Bonnie adds that their customer has good taste. Gunnar says he gets their customer and he's excited for this challenge.

Tim tells the designers that they will have one day to complete the challenge and they will not be going to Mood. The fabrics and notions are provided by the group that manufactures the dresses. They begin sketching. Gunnar says that everything seems refined, which fits in with his aesthetic. Sitting amongst the other designers, he whispers, "I just had a stroke of genius." Someone actually said that out loud. Sonjia says that it's another challenge for Gunnar. He says that his dress is similar to the dress that Jay McCarroll designed, with a mix of sheer and solid. Christopher notes that there are seven cocktail dresses and two gowns, so he's going to make a gown. He says that he's going to make the "best gown ever" then notes that he sounds like a tool. Heh.

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