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Elena says to Gunnar that God loves him. She's very religious, didn't you know? Apparently, Elena spends a lot of time talking to Sky Tim Gunn. I mean, it's obvious when you register the peace so obviously warm and nestled inside the briar patch that are Elena's insides. So, Elena tells Gunnar that the last couple of challenges seem like they were written for him and she doesn't really say that with any sort of appreciation. He replies that the challenges have merely been for everyday women and she says that she just hopes that she's there after this challenge. He reminds her to keep some of herself in her design and she snaps that she's trying but she thinks the judges only want to see flow-y shit. She interviews that the judges don't seem to get her. She tells Gunnar that her passion is in avant-garde. She doesn't like editing her vision too much. I just wish she'd edit her attitude for the most part. Gunnar tells her that he likes her dress. She reminds herself in an interview that she just needs to make a dress that someone would want to wear. Crazy, I know.

Sonjia looks at Christopher's design for his dress and wanly approves. She says that she hasn't gotten anywhere and Elena says that it seems strange to her that all of the women (except Alicia who is working on a drop waist Chanel-inspired look and seems to be happy with it) are having problems with this challenge while the men seem thrilled. Melissa remarks that she was really hoping for a hardware store challenge. Gunnar says of course she wanted that and everyone laughs. Then, Christopher says, "Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm into leather (mimics cocking a shotgun). What's your style? (shoots gun)." Sonjia interviews that the guys make more girly and feminine pieces. Wait, she rolls her eyes while she's saying this too. She says the guys are more feminine than the girls.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but I'm not fond of that. First of all, there seems to be some implication that the guys are less serious because their work is feminine. I don't like that. With the exception of Ven, who is probably sexually attracted to rocks, all of the guys are obviously gay or have told us they are. There's just something a little too easy about slamming them for making pretty dresses. Someone sings "Johnny Chiffonie" in the workroom and Fabio giggles. Of course, Ven comes in with his own broad generalization. As we're watching Sonjia sort of non-verbally describe what she wants from her dress, Ven says that men are generally better designers than women, while women tend to be more practical. I do think his was less a pejorative statement than the one that Sonjia made, but it's still pointless to make those sorts of blanket statements.

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