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Ven is doing that architectural stuff that he does on the bodice of his dress and Tim recognizes it immediately. Dmitry interviews that he likes Ven's dress and he considers it his greatest competition. Sonjia, who is getting increasingly snappy in these interviews, rolls her eyes and says that this signature of his is not sweeping the nation and he needs to move on. Christopher thinks that it looks like a holiday garment and I would say that Lord & Taylor is precisely the store you go to when you're looking for a holiday dress. Gunnar likes Dmitry's dress. Tim does too. Christopher presents his look to Tim and Tim seems pretty satisfied that he has done a very good job. Christopher does express some apprehension about using his shredding technique (insert interview with Elena asking if he knows how to do anything else), but he explains that he wants to be known for that technique, so that's why he's using it. I mean, I get the idea that diversity and flexibility is sort of the star of this show, but, in terms of branding, it's pretty smart for Christopher to push that technique in a way that we associate him with it.

Melissa tells Tim that she is worried she has chosen the wrong fabric. He tells her that she should explore her options, because she shouldn't face the judges feeling already that she has made a horrible decision with the fabric. He reminds her that the clock is ticking. She really is stuck in a quandary. She doesn't want to use black, because she has done it so much before and that's what everyone else is doing for the most part. Tim tells her to see how this fabric looks on her model. She decides that is what she will do, but she knows that she has to make a decision as soon as she fits the model.

Before the models come in for their fitting, we see Gunnar tell Fabio that he wants to make a dress for him when he goes home. "Please," is Fabio's response and Gunnar says that he knows Fabio will wear it. The girls come in and Melissa's model says that she loves the fabric. Encouraging. Gunnar's girl looks great in his dress, which excites him even more about it. Christopher loves the pink of his girl's skin next to the pink of his dress. Alicia says that her girl loves the dress. They're telling us a lot about how the models feel today. Christopher interviews that the '80s called, from an enormous cell phone I assume, and they want everything back from Sonjia's look. So, Melissa has decided to stick with the fabric but she hates the fit, so she's entirely recutting it. Elena notes that all of the girls are scattered. Melissa is worried that she's not going to finish. She is pretty convinced that she's going to get sent home.

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