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On Garde!

Back at the workroom, Kit says to Ricky that she doesn't want their design to look like Little House On The Prairie. Hmm. Well, first I would say, "Nelly Olsen or Laura?" Because, Nelly's fine. She was fancy. But I don't think that's what she's seeing. This worries me, because she should have seen this in her sketch or before she left Mood. Right? Ricky, while working, says that the dress is "some serious drama. It's the girl in me and the bitch in you." Seriously, that stupid fucking joke is so 1995 I could chew up my goddamn Oasis CD and vomit it on Ricky and his entire hat collection. Yes, Ricky, there's a girl in you. Enjoy her. But every girl doesn't like being called a bitch. Maybe Kit does...but I doubt it. Sorry, he could cure cancer right now and I'd probably be totally offended.

Christian tells Chris that, if he were a diva, his name would be "Ferosh." Their design is going to have a giant neckpiece and Chris says that he's trying to build a cell phone tower, so they can call out. Sweet P asks if it can take them to Elisa's planet, and Chris says Elisa left him the instructions. Aw, don't you miss Elisa?

Jillian and Victorya are so serious. Jillian is making a trench coat, and she will attempt to mimic the mohawk look of their model on the back of the coat. Victorya is making the shirt and pants for the outfit. Jillian interviews that she and Victorya have problems with time management, so she's worried about their progress.

Rami tells Sweet P what to do. He interviews that he's working on the bodice, because he's good at that stuff. He has asked Sweet P to make a pair of trousers, because she has assured him that she can do it. Now, I totally understand that all of these guys are gunning for the big time and it's about winning, but how freaking condescending was that? Eh, Rami's been a turn-off for a few episodes now. He just doesn't seem to know how to be very friendly, at least from what we've seen. You see tiny moments of him laughing in the apartment, but this sort of stuff is the majority of opinion-shaping material we get from Rami.

Near the end of the day, Kit asks Ricky to do something and he has to bone a corset first and they giggle because they are 12. I'd be right with them. Rami is ALL OVER Sweet P with instructions. He interviews that he is being slowed down by her questions. We see them, in the sewing room, and he tells her that the pants should be finished and she assures him that they almost are. She interviews that they are ahead of the game and she's not sure why he's such a basket case. He interviews that he is worried about being blamed for any dysfunction in the team-- and he's right about that.

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