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On Garde!

The next day, Sweet P interviews that she is worried because Rami seemed upset the night before. At Parsons, they all start working. Ricky interviews that he's excited. Sweet P suggests to Rami that they try some bustling on their garment, but he doesn't really listen to her. You know, a bustle might do Rami some good. Everything is so SO draped all of the time, it would give some dimension to his bodice.

Tim enters and tells everyone that they will have to, in addition to their avant-garde look, create a ready-to-wear garment that embodies the essence of the avant-garde look. He emphasizes that every major designer has to do this. They provoke and inspire with their high-end conceptual work, then they translate it into saleable garments. Christian makes this hysterical "What?" face and picks up some shears like he's going in for the kill. Jillian is freaked out at the time constraints. They have $50 for their new look. Only one team member has to go to Mood and they're going in 15 minutes.

Tim leaves them to "caucus." Ricky says that he will do their everyday look. He says its "cake" to him, which he apparently has everyday, since that's what he was trying to say. Christian is not worried and gives a defiant laugh that tickles Chris. Jillian and Victorya are so totally in the bell jar. Victorya interviews that her reaction to the new part of the challenge was "horror, nausea."

Sweet P tells Rami that she thinks that their everyday look should be navy. He so very rudely asks her to explain. She says it ties in with the pants. But the pants are background, he counters. She thinks navy makes the look day, thus "every" day. He says that navy is not day, which is so fucking stupid. Tell that to every single businessperson on the planet, all of whom have navy garments in their work wardrobe. Seriously though, he never sounded stupid until just this moment. Sweet P interviews that she was getting frustrated with Rami's attitude. He tells her to sketch her design and she says that she's better with a dress form and fabric. He doesn't like that idea. She says that he should trust her, but he says she doesn't sound like she's sure of her design. Half of the designers quickly go to Mood. Sweet P grabs some silver shantung that she really likes.

Back at the workroom, Tim sends in the models for a fitting. Sweet P interviews that she thought that Rami put too much stuff on their dress, but he disagreed with her. You see her telling him that she thinks there's too much, and he just brushes her off. Kit and Ricky are really excited about their piece. Jillian is not done with her jacket. In fact, they're still in development phase. Jillian interviews that she's worried that Victorya is immune for this challenge, so if they're in the bottom, Jillian automatically goes. Chris and Christian seem excited about the way their design looks on Marcia. Chris interviews that he hopes that, at the runway show, they judges' jaws drop to the floor and they never forget it as long as they live.

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