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On Garde!

Christian does a modeling demonstration. He tells them that they "gotta bring it back. Girls, you gotta bring it back from the side and turn." It's very funny and...he's not bad at that walking.

Sweet P is doing the ready-to-wear look and she thinks it's very cute. Rami keeps breathing down her neck about the pants and the dress. She says she's finishing them and he's all, I'm entitled to know what's going on. He's pretty rude. He interviews that she's defensive and it's draining his energy. Actually, he's really abrasive and I'd imagine that a great number of people would not like working with him. Just because he keeps that faux Zen tone doesn't mean that he's actually calm. After he's gone, Sweet P starts crying in front of their model. It makes me kind of sad for her.

Tim comes back in and has the designers and models gather 'round. Nathaniel Hawkins, lead stylist for the Tresemme hair care creative team, comes in. Nathaniel is going to consult with the designers to translate their avant-garde hairstyle into everyday. The everyday look should be beautiful, effortless, and practical. The winning design is going to be featured in a Tresemme ad for Elle. All of the consultations seem to go well.

Later, Tim enters the workroom for consultation. He asks Chris and Christian how "Team Fierce" is doing. Tim says that their avant-garde look is "staggering." He thinks their ready-to-wear look appears cheap. Christian disagrees and is very strong about it.

Tim thinks that Ricky and Kit's design is costume. Kit counters that it's conceptual. Tim thinks it needs to be more dramatic and exuberant.

Tim thinks that Rami's avant-garde look is predictable. He asks if they have gone above what they've done before. I can answer that for you. Rami argues that he hasn't worked with corsets before. Big effing deal, dude. Have you looked at your dress? Same asymmetrical draping and cording and pleating. Nothing new. Rami, at this point, decides to blame their lack of progress on working with Sweet P. She interviews that Tim told them that their dress looked to much like typical Rami, which has nothing to do with how they work together as a team. Good point. She says he won't let her in. Hee. That phrase always makes me laugh.

Tim says that Jillian's coat is fabulous, if they can achieve it. They tell him that they haven't even started on their second look yet.

Sweet P says that she and Rami are having a tense time. She's totally expecting to be in the bottom at the runway show, so she's focusing on the ready-to-wear dress so she'll have something to stand on. Jillian has a freakout in the sewing room and uses all of her allotted emotions for the year. Victorya interviews that, at the end of the day, neither she nor Jillian are done with their garments for the first look. They haven't even started on the second look yet.

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