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On Garde!

The next day, Sweet P says that she's worried about getting into a fist fight with Rami. At the workroom, Jillian finally starts on the second look. Tim enters and sends in the models, they will have 2 hours to get ready before the show.

Ricky says that their ready-to-wear dress is really simple, but it's Kit's story. Way to stand behind your work, Ricky of my hate. Hair. Makeup. Christian says that he knows they are going to win. Jillian finally gets the second look on their model. Kit likes their garments, but is worried because it's much different from the other designers.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Michael, Nina, and "acclaimed Italian designer" Alberta Ferretti. Sweet P seems really excited about Alberta. The show begins.

Sweet P and Rami's dress goes first. There's not a single thing that is avant-garde about this dress, except, I guess, that the model has slacks on under the dress. It creates the same effect as my mom when she had pants on but still had her bathrobe on because her blouse was still in the dryer. The bodice of the dress could be the dress from the first challenge or his prom dress. it's the same asymmetrical draping. Pretty, but seriously not avant-garde at all. The gown is in several shades of gray that criss-cross at the waist. There's a lot going on at the bust. Lots of stuff is on there. Rami says that he's very happy with the design. He thinks it was original and beautiful. Their second look is a one-shouldered dress in silver. The strap is silver satin and pleated silver shantung is on the bust. There's a sash of shantung, then more pleating in the skirt. It ends above the knee and is adorable. Sweet P says that she loves it. She loves Rami's dress too, but she doesn't think that it's grand enough.

Next is Chris and Christian's design. It's tremendous. It's layer upon layer of champagne organza in a mushroom column. At the shoulder, there's a huge extension of further organza layers. It's really beautiful. Chris says that Nina's face was showing how impressed she was. Christian says that the couture pose is about the cinched waist and the hunched shoulders, and they got it down. Their ready-to-wear look is a sleeveless champagne satin dress, with an tan organza skirt. There's a brown belt at the waist. And the bodice has tuxedo ruffling to mimic the organza avant-garde dress.

Next up is Kit and Ricky's dress. It's a hoop skirt with a bodice that has lace straps. There are different panels of fabric on the skirt and it looks like what my cousin Jennifer wore when she was Martha Washington for our fifth grade history project. Not good. I was the Boston Tea Part, FYI. Kit is worried because they weren't as "serious fashion" as the other designers. Their ready-to-wear look is a baby-doll dress with a halter neck and a v-shaped cutout at the neck. The fabric is one of the same rustic fabrics used in the avant-garde dress. None of it looks very good.

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