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On Garde!

Lastly, it's Victorya and Jillian's look. It's out of this world. There's a black satin, double-breasted jacket with a floor-length train. It's fitted like a glove and there is tartan fringe. It is, to me, the most accomplished garment that has ever been on Project Runway. I can NOT believe that Jillian made that in two days. The fit and the detail in the collar and the movement and depth of the train. Beautiful. Short khakis are below the coat, as well as a white blouse with lots of ruffles and darts at the waist. Their ready-to-wear is a black mini dress that is one-shouldered and has an asymmetrical hem. There's a hint of tartan in a tiny bustle on the back of the skirt. Jillian says that she's glad that they finished the second look, but she's not happy with it.

Heidi calls Rami's team and Kit's team forward. They have the lower scores. They leave the stage, while the judges talk to the people who didn't suck.

Christian says that he was going for a romantic, old-world feeling. Nina asks who came up with the design, and Chris says that Christian thought of the color and, once they'd chosen Marcia, they just started thinking of it together. Christian tells them that their dress is 45 yards of fabric. Again, that doesn't mean anything to me. Soon. Alberta says that the back is very complicated. She thinks that the dress is amazing and congratulates them. Michael says it's heaven. It's important and exciting and soigné. He thinks the skirt of the ready-to-wear look is a throwaway, which Christian acknowledges. Nina says that the avant-garde look could be a "cover try" for Elle. Well, well, it's a good thing Christian already has a big head or this might give him...a big head.

They love Jillian's coat, as well as the pants and blouse underneath. Nina even likes their black dress. Victorya says they really had three looks, so they should win.

The losers return. Rami tries to explain his design. They love the ready-to-wear dress and think it's better than Rami's dress. Nina wonders if he can do anything but drape. Michael thinks the slacks give the model a front butt. Sweet P says that Rami was taking ownership of the design and didn't want much help from her. He says that fighting her all of the time took away from the drama of the piece, which I frankly think is bullshit. Michael says that the best teams aren't of people who are just alike. Good point.

Alberta thinks that Kit's dress looks cheap. Scarlett O'Hara but cheap. Michael reiterates the Scarlet jibe. Heidi thinks that it looks wrinkly and cheap. Nina thinks that the ready-to-wear look is equally disappointing.

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