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On Garde!

They loved Chris and Christian. Nina thinks Marcia looked like a fashion shoot. Alberta was all over Jillian and Victorya's shit. They're bored with Rami. Michael points out that he blamed it all on Sweet P, but her ready-to-wear dress was really cute. Alberta hated Kit and Ricky's dress. Michael points out that the hoop for their skirt was well made.

The designers return to the stage. Heidi names the winner-- it's Christian's team. Because he was the team leader, Christian will be immune for the next challenge. Christian interviews that the Tresemme ad is a good thing, since he's young and doesn't have a lot of press yet. Jillian and Victorya are in, too. Ricky is in. Dear GOD!! Sweet P is in.

Rami's design wasn't dramatic. Kit's design wasn't modern. Kit is "out." She seems really sad. Rami kisses her and leaves the stage. She kisses Heidi and leaves the stage. Kit interviews that she doesn't believe in regrets. She's very sad that she's leaving, but she's leaving early. You made it a long way Kit! She says that it's bad for her, but also bad for the competition that she's leaving.

We see Marcia and Lisa get shot for the Tresemme shoot, with Chris and Christian. Team Fierce has conquered!!

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