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At Parsons, it's time for work to begin in earnest on the designing part of the design challenge. At 9:00 AM, Tim announces that, today, they have from 9:00 until midnight to work on their projects, and then he leaves. Ladies and gentlemen, My Hero, Tim Gunn. The designers start to chat about what they're doing, and Austin tells the rest that he's making shorts as part of his outfit. Rob's plan, on the other hand, is a pair of pants that can convert to shorts as appropriate. Jay adds that he's confident that his design is a good blend of functionality and fashion. He's doing a winter outfit centered on a pale-blue sweater, and he's got the giant USPS logo on the back. His postal carrier will be the hottest bunny at the ski lodge. He further exposits that he, Rob, Kara, and Austin are all making more fashionable uniforms, whereas Wendy has returned to a fairly pure focus on functionality, to no one's surprise. Indeed, Wendy explains to us that the USPS "shouldn't embrace too much change too fast." Therefore, what she's designing looks almost exactly what the mail carriers wear now. Austin calls her design "this very blah blouse" that incorporates nothing new other than "a bust seam." He thinks that his work, on the other hand, addresses the same needs while not being completely fugly. Which, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. For me, Austin went downhill after the corn-husk dress and the Banana Republic dress. Because what happened with fairy-tale pop star? Just, no. Anyway, Austin explains that, for the mail carriers, he is doing a top and pants in stretch fabrics. Ah, yes -- who doesn't want to see the postman walking around in spandex? I have that dream all the time. When I wake up, I'm usually in tears.

With five hours to go, Tim drops in to look at the designers' work. Austin shows Tim the cape that he's making (!), pointing out that he thinks the material will be "pretty rainproof." Tim then asks Kara whether the wide pantleg she's creating will look good, and Kara counters that she thinks drawstring pants look good on everyone. ["True fact." -- Wing Chun] Tim loves the fact that Kara is doing a vest and working with layers. He's definitely favoring Kara's approach at this early stage. Wendy's big innovation is a piece of Velcro on the shoulder of the shirt she's making, so that the strap of the bag can be attached -- she's heard that the bag has some tendency to slip. Wow, Velcro? That's the hottest trend of the year, and by "the year," I mean "1986."

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