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Not Without My Daughter (And A Sharpie)

With one hour to go until the end of the day, everyone is still working. As Jay enjoys a tasty beverage in the workroom, he explains that he hardly ever sees Austin doing work, but then things just appear when time has expired. Austin is appalled at the implication that Jay never sees him work. "I do everything in order," he says carefully. "Austin, there are spans of time when I don't see you for, like, six hours," Jay says admiringly. "And then all of a sudden, you're like, 'Dress!'" Hee. Jay interviews that he thinks he's probably pretty safe from elimination this week, but that he thinks Austin might have "an issue." And why? "Because his is so...him." Snerk. It's true, really. "Kara Saun's always safe," he says, before giving her some shit about how she announces at the end of every challenge all the nifty stuff she did. "Oh," he mimics, "I had extra time, so I fitted a whole family out of a pair of curtains. I made a movie about it, and I'd like to present that with my seventh challenge." I miss watching Jay every week. Jay then adds in his rundown interview that he thinks "Robert can talk his way out of anything." However, Jay does think that what Robert has come up with here is "too cartoony for the U.S. Postal Service." It's an adult cartoon, of course. Jay pauses. "And Wendy's?" He gives a long, exaggerated belch. "That's what I think about hers." For her part, Wendy explains to us that if she leaves tomorrow, she'll be happy she had the experience, but that she's "not going to change into a different kind of person." Dowdiness forever! Everyone belch in solidarity!

The designers leave, night becomes morning, and it is the day of the runway show. Jay says that there's a certain Groundhog Day quality to the whole thing, in that you just keep enduring the runway again and again. He says he's not "fazed," while Wendy describes herself as "completely terrified." A brief naked shot of Rob (complete with full naked ass, twice; it's kind of shocking) follows as everyone gets ready to face the day. Robert tells us that the intensity is in "the red zone." I think I just saw his red zone, actually. And then the non-sucking designers -- all of them but Wendy -- have a gathering by the door where they put their hands in the circle, huddle-style. "Come snow," Jay says. "Come rain," Austin says. "Come sleet," Kara says. Rob stands there. He is befuddled. Jay leans over and whispers, "Just come." "Come!" Rob says. And then Austin is all, "Gooooo, Project Runway!" and they break the huddle. Well, that was...interesting.

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