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Now, it's Jay's turn to explain what Austin is wearing. Jay, too, has incorporated some pockets and things to accommodate postal doodads. Becky wants to know if the pants are waterproof, and Jay says that they're twill, but that they have a "sheen" and will repel water to some degree. Michael tells Jay that he thinks women will feel "very butchy" in what Jay has designed. Irony! See, on a woman, I think it would look more feminine -- it's awfully hard to judge when it's a man wearing it. Austin pops off the vest and prepares to present his own design, and Heidi congratulates him on being a good model. "We were in a bind; I'm sure he'd do the same for me," Austin says simply. Aw. if.

Austin first introduces his cape: "For a little drama." A little? Apparently, there are capes already, but Austin's will be better, because it will breathe a little and not be so oppressive. Austin introduces his little stretchy pants as well. Nina tell him that she thinks he thought plenty about the fashion, but less about the function. Austin looks unhappy. Nina thinks that the shorts are impractical for most people -- just too tight. And I agree. Michael compares the outfit to "Doris Day playing a postal worker." Heh. He thinks the look is "adorable," but "very costume-y," which is kind of the way I often perceive Austin.

Robert opens, as he pretty much must, with his convertible pants. Because you're not going to open with the dingy shirt. He talks about the heat out on the route, and how he thought this would help the workers to be more comfortable. Nina is disappointed in this design as well, feeling like there's not enough effort. She finds the shorts/pants "tricky," but the rest of the design a little undercooked. Michael agrees. He thinks the shirt, which is essentially a t-shirt, looks "much too casual."

And now, Wendy. She throws a little sucking-up the postal service's way, talking about the respect she now has for the mail carriers among us. She goes on to say that rather than doing a "total redesign," she kept the outfit much as it was, with "some touches" added. The shorts she's designed have a side vent, rather than the middle inverted pleat that she had in the ones she wore. Like several others, Wendy has added a couple of little pockets to the shirt. Nina tells Wendy she's surprised by side pleats, which are just going to make people look wider in the hips. Well, really. Melissa, at this point, raises her hand. Eek. No talking, Clothes Hanger! They tell her she can go ahead, and she says she just wants to let everyone know that the vents are working great to keep her cool and comfortable. Thank you, Melissa. But Michael is unmoved. He hates this outfit. He tells Wendy that between the side pleats and the pockets she's put on the front of the shorts "pulling over your stomach," this is going to make people look huge. He mentions that every woman he knows cuts the pockets out of pants so they don't "feel fat." Really? Huh. I've never even heard of that. Learn something new from Michael Kors every day, I guess. ["I had heard that before, but my sister hadn't, and instantly swore she was going to start doing that." -- Wing Chun] Michael compares Wendy's shorts unfavorably to the Kara pants, explaining that the Kara pants would fit and look good on a large variety of folks. He points out that "even if you're a size 16, you want to feel a little groovy." No! Surely not a size 16! Grooviness could never expand to fit such an ass as that! Michael, what are you implying? Sigh.

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