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Not Without My Daughter (And A Sharpie)

Out in the living room, Austin is disbelievingly holding up a simple, pale blue collared shirt. Safe to say it's been a while since Austin Scarlett wore anything quite like that, unless he was working undercover for some reason. Meanwhile, Wendy already has herself dressed, and has decided to pull a little something on Kara, who's still in her room and hasn't emerged yet. Wendy says through the door that someone from the post office has something for Kara, and Kara wants to know if she's serious. Wendy, standing in her uniform shirt, shoes, and brimmed hat, assures Kara that she is. Kara opens the door, and when she sees Wendy, she steps back, covers her mouth, and laughs.

Out in the living room, Jay has his uniform shirt untucked and his Jesus hair flying free, and he's cracking up an obediently tidy Rob with an impression of what is apparently the world's first stoned postal carrier. "Yeeeeah, I know your mail's here suuumewhere," he slurs. Rob snorts. "I was just at the end of the block, I was talking to my buddy...." Jay explains in an interview that he believed the resemblance between himself and Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was striking. How I miss Jay already. Just then, Austin comes flouncing -- I'm not trying to employ stereotypes, but you won't find a more descriptive term -- into the living room in his dark sweater, shorts, and long black socks. "Oh...for God's...sake," Jay remarks in amusement. ["Love." -- Wing Chun]

We move to the Hoboken post office, where happy music accompanies shots of various postal employees doing various things to the mail. Sorting, moving,'s a wonderful world, you know. In a well-executed shot, a pair of elevator doors slide open to reveal the contestants standing in a row, all in their lovely uniforms. I was really ready for a good Reservoir Dogs shot here, although I guess you don't make reckless references to dogs around the post office. Anyway, Kara's baseball cap is askew, which I have a feeling is supposed to be kicky. Not good. Austin is wearing an earflap hat. Jay is working the tall white socks of the true fashionista. And on the left-hand end...oh, on the left-hand end is Tim Gunn, one of my favorite people in reality television right now. Tim is like my island of sanity in a topsy-turvy universe. I'll put it this way: if Tim Gunn ran The Apprentice, he would fire everyone the first week, but he would do it nicely, and it wouldn't be because he didn't like you. It would just be because you suck, which he would tell you.

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