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Hey, more hair! And more product placement for hair products! And also makeup! I'd rather watch another Ken tantrum.

Alexander's client is hovering over him while he's trying to get finished. She thinks it's neat to see actual workroom panic. Well, sure! And here's Tim to say they have ten minutes. As he walks out, he shares a great moment with the sign language interpreter. He's even nice to sign language interpreters! I mean, not that sign language interpreters aren't people, but it's easy to forget they're there. Anyways, back to Alexander, who is missing his bobbin and can't get a zipper in. Ken interviews, "Hopefully Alexander does not complete his look and the judges can tell that it's unfinished so I'm not in the bottom and I can get a safe card." See, when he started, I thought he was being awful, but really it's a perfectly normal thing to want. He doesn't like his dress so he hopes somebody else does a worse job. That's fine. There's some last minute walk-coaching, and it is time! Tim tells "designers and superfan models" that it's time to go. Alexander says that his model is "not naked," but that's about all he can say. She's really just in a vest, not a suit.

Oh, cool! Going into the runway, we get some backstage shots of the fans getting ready, which means we get to see how things are laid out back there. The hair/makeup station looks like it's about twenty feet from the runway entrance.

Heidi welcomes the designers and does her spiel. She's very happy to have superfans, and dedicates the show to the fans who are watching. We get to see someone getting the women ready to walk the runway. Basically, go up some stairs, pose, walk out, pose and walk back. One of them is in tears, and someone is frantically dabbing them away. Tonight's judges are Zac Posen, Zanna Roberts Rassi (filling the Marie Claire spot for Nina, who has been taken off the line-up… probably because she'd be too mean), and Erin Fetherston, who is some kind of designer. Also, Tim and Heidi. It's time!

Justin's model got a great makeover just from somebody brushing her hair. The dress is black with a white squiggle on it, but once Justin explains that it's her signature, I expect that the judges will be enraptured. If that's a word. Bradon's model got a bit of a makeover by getting a haircut. This black dress has some shiny vertical stripes, but otherwise is very much like Justin's. Still, the judges like black dresses. Alexander's garment looks like an unfinished suit. He's kind of emphasized her hips, which I'm sure would be corrected had he done a jacket. Dom's dress is fine. Whatever. It has a big print on it and it's a dress. There's also a thrown-together jacket. Kate's garment has kind of a Robin Hood feel to it. Are those leather pants? I think they're leather pants. Ken's dress is not as bad as he thinks it is. He thinks it looks like a couch from the seventies. I think the black stripes make it look interesting, but he can't see past the color. Alexandria's model is in a boring sweater and skirt. Alexandria sounds defensive as she calls it a "cute interview suit." I think that skirt might be a little short for a job interview. Helen's model got the best makeover. She no longer looks at all like Miranda, which now that I say that sounds a little mean to Miranda. Sorry, Miranda! I'm just saying, her hair is short and she's wearing a gown now. A nice gown, too! She has a slight stumble going up the stairs in her heels and everyone is charmed.

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