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Maternity Librarian

Heidi calls Kate and Dom forward. They're safe. And for once, Kate is fine with that. Dom was happy that her model loved it. Enough of them.

Heidi welcomes the fans to the runway, then gets down to business. Justin is first, and he goes straight to the explanation of the signature, explaining that no one else can wear this dress. He also adds that she's Mormon, which required a certain amount of body coverage and he made a bonus undergarment to manage the extra skin she has from losing 130 pounds. His model says she feels phenomenal. Zanna loves that Justin put all that thought into fitting his model's body. Heidi likes the signature. Erin was intrigued by the signature.

Alexandria awkwardly explains her model, and Heidi says the garment doesn't look young. Zac thinks the jacket looks sad and uninspired. He seems to feel bad for using the words "maternity librarian," so he quickly praises the model's new hair color. Zanna thinks it doesn't feel modern.

Bradon lists his model's adjectives from the beginning of the show and Heidi asks why she wanted to be intimidating. She's only asking that because she's never known what it is to be anything but intimidating. Zac loves the jacket. Zanna listed several of the key adjectives on her own. She's not crazy about the shiny highlights.

Alexander says he was going to make a tailored suit with a feminine touch. Zac has some questions, like "Did you finish this piece?" He did not. He tries to blame alterations, but Zanna and Zac aren't going for it. Zac thinks the elements don't go together. Zanna thinks it's boring. She also does not like the way the back of the vest is stretching across the back. Erin says something boring about execution.

Helen says her model hasn't been in a formal gown since her wedding and hasn't has a haircut in twenty years. Her model says she's speechless. But not so speechless that she can't say they were going for "Oscars red carpet dress" instead of "bridesmaid dress." Yeah, she speaks Runway Judge. She had the biggest makeover, easily. Heidi loves the dress. Zac thinks it's spectacular, although he tells Helen to watch her seaming. Zanna uses the word "incredible" a lot.

Now, Ken. I was hoping this would be a situation where he's in the top, but says a lot of defensive things because he thinks the judges hate it. Not because I dislike Ken; I just enjoy when that happens. But Justin, Bradon and Helen were the top looks so I guess he's in the bottom after all. And he puts a brave face on it, saying, "She loved this green color," in a way that could be just informational in case it's not what the judges dislike. He does a great job with this description, because you can't really tell he hates the dress. Heidi starts by praising his model for how happy she was while she walked down the runway. Having said that, she does not like the color and she doesn't like the lines either. There's a big black line crossing the bustline, which make the model's breasts look like they're different sizes. And that's a problem for Heidi, who is boob-obsessed. Zanna doesn't like the simplicity of the dress because it's not meticulously done. Part of the hem is hanging down in the back, and Ken cops to not finishing it. Zac doesn't like the proportions. Erin doesn't like the neckline. Ken has his mouth clamped shut to keep from responding.

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