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Last Dance and Chance

Casanova says that he wanted to make something that a girl could have fun in. Isaac loves it and thinks it's sexy without being dangerous. Georgina loves the color but thinks that it would have been more chic with a longer length.

Andrae tries to say something about how he was trying to inspire? Then, he stumbles because of cotton mouth or something and sort of shuts down. Isaac hates the coat and thinks that the look is beautiful without it. Everyone likes the styling though.

The judges confer. They all liked Uli. Isaac doesn't think it was '70s and sells Georgina that idea. Everyone liked Ivy, but Isaac wished it were a dress. Georgina isn't as into Casanova's dress as everyone else is. Carolyn thought that Wendy's dress was from Spanish Harlem. Rafi thinks that it's embarrassing that Wendy mentioned her kid. Rafi says that Andrae needs to learn to take criticism. Isaac doesn't care that Kayne worked on his pants forever. He still doesn't think that they're good.

The designers return to the stage. Carolyn tells Casanova that he is safe. Uli is the winner! She is so cute and interviews that she feels like crying. Ivy is in too and looks kind of depressed backstage. Kayne of Many Colors is safe. That means it's down to Andrae and Wendy. Andrae He closes his eyes with relief. Carolyn reminds him that he can't rest on his laurels and he does this weird bowing thing that I sort of love. Wendy is super gracious about being kicked off. Backstage, Uli tells her that despite her reputation, she is very nice. Wendy jokes that she can't lose her street cred. She interviews that she was looking to channel her competitive spirit from her earlier appearance on the show, but the reality is that she has a lot of respect for everyone there. Wow, Wendy Pepper just had her short but necessary redemption arc and it was very successful. I only really have nice thoughts about her! Rayon, on the other hand, cries and calls himself "Blue Suede." I. Can't.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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