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Everyone starts sketching. Andrae remembers that the judges told him his look was too complicated, but he's still going to make something that is too complicated. Uli isn't really that familiar with disco seeing as how she grew up behind the Iron Curtain. She doesn't know Studio 54 from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. She's thinking that her disco might be different from everyone else's. Casanova says he's going to make this dealio with a spiderweb on the back.

At Mood, Andrae tells us that he's going to look for fabrics with "a lot of vocabulary." Ivy says that she's going to make a jumpsuit with emerald chiffon, which will work beautifully with her gold shoe. The fabric she chooses is so pretty. Wendy is going to make a leather pant with a bold print top and a...silver chain at the waist. Scratch the last part. She says that you almost lose your mind at Mood. Sure. Just at Mood.

Back at the workroom, Uli is happy that she chose white fabric because she feels that it will stand out amongst the other designs. A little embarrassed, she interviews that sometimes you have to work it. Josh says that he's very happy that Anthony Ryan won the first challenge because, let me see if I've got this right, it gives him a chance to gloat to the world about how great Anthony Ryan is? OK.

Kayne of Many Colors wonders if he'll have enough gold lame fabric to make himself a jacket. Laura Kathleen jokes (?) that she's making a jacket from her fabric so he's better not go there. Althea seems to be looking on and says that Laura Kathleen is sweet but annoying. Ouch. She says that she's more interested in being in the mix with Emilio and Uli who she feels are designing more on her level. More ouches. Ivy thinks that she, Uli and Anthony Ryan are the designers to beat. I have to say that Ivy actually does seem in a much better head space this time around. She's focused and it's really starting to show. She's also not so horrible to behold now.

So Josh and Kayne of Many Colors don't seem so much like spray painted unicorns when they're together. They seem like two people who belong to the same weirdly styled community, because crazy in numbers always seems more normal. In fact, it's easy to look at them together and feel a little bit like, "Maybe it's my eyebrow game that's off and not theirs." Josh asks K what he's making. Pants. Kayne describes them as "a little sha-nay-nay, then boom- Donna Summer." That sounds like a complete nightmare and I, for one, cannot wait to see it. They have a moment of silence for the late Ms Summer, then carry on. Kayne of Many Colors explains that he is going to make a GORGEOUS off-the-shoulder bronze sequined top with a chevroned palazzo pant. So, if you didn't know what seizures were like before you wore this outfit... He thinks it's going to be super hot.

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