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Casanova is talking to Emilio about how he likes this challenge. He interviews that nightlife, slutty and Casanova all go very well together. Wendy Pepper and Rayon have developed a deep connection. I shit you not. She tells us that he's one of the most incredible people she has ever met. Well I guess there's a mitten for every paw. We see him make some sort of scissoring motion (with scissors) near the crotch of his dress form and Wendy jokes that that's as close as he will be getting to, you know, down there. VAGINA. He says, "Honey, I've been there." Jesus, look what the '70s hath wrought. Do we really need to be going back there? The decade. We're obviously not going back to vagina. Well, I say that but we really don't know exactly how good Anne Hathaway is going to be in Les Miserables. And, if it's good enough, WATCH OUT LADIES, I'll be back and looking for...someone to watch The Mindy Project with? We see Laura Kathleen snicker, then she interviews that she has noticed some friendships developing, like that of Rayon and Wendy. She says that alliances are helpful, but she's on her own (like Les Miz!) and out for herself. Did everyone just do what I did? Meaning, did you just cast Les Miz with the current all-stars? I did and Laura Kathleen is not Eponine. That would be Ivy or Andrae. Laura Kathleen is Cosette. Althea is Young Cosette. Rayon and Wendy are the "Master of the House" people. The Thernawhoevers. Obviously Uli is Fantine. Why am I doing this? Emilio is Jean Valjean and Josh is Javert, which makes Anthony Ryan a poorly cast Marius. Someone save me from myself.

Laura Kathleen compliments Kayne of Many Colors on the pants he's making. He says that he often sees people on... shows make clothes with stripes and sees them get criticized for not matching up the pattern. It's weird how he was obviously trying to avoid saying that he watches Project Runway. Anyway, his baggage. He's feeling the crunch, because he didn't get enough of the pant fabric to match the chevrons easily.

Rayon interviews that, though he was in the bottom two for the last challenge, he got some really great feedback. He says that learning from the judges is one of the real benefits of the show, which is a really open-minded thing for him to say. Then, he refers to himself in the third-person and I want him dead. Wendy apparently thinks that the chains on Rayon's pants are on trend and decides to mimic that look (the wallet to pocket chain thing) on her outfit. Laura thinks that it looks like a costume. Josh thinks it looks like Mad Max. Casanova decides that he's going to do this spaghetti strap thing that looks like a spider web on the back of his look. It's very time consuming but he feels like he needs to do something spectacular. He jokes around at one point that the straps are a wig and we all laugh.

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