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Althea's look is next. It's a pink and fuchsia cocktail dress with one shoulder strap. There appears to be a little bit of ruching on the bodice. It's cute and I could see someone wearing this at a party, but there's absolutely nothing '70s about this. She says that, yes she was born in 1984, but she knows the '70s and, yo, she got this.

Here's Kayne's look. I kind of works for me. He has these pants in bronze tones with the chevrons peaking in the front and they seem to be done perfectly. The fit tightly at the waist and flare in a grade to the floor. It's matched with a bronze sequined top that's sexy and, I mean, this whole thing is pretty tacky, but I think I like it. The only thing is his model is wearing sunglasses and it looks so stupid to me. He says that he was going for a Michael Kors resort wear/ JLo look and I can see that, but I still hate the glasses.

Afterwards, the designers return to the stage. Anthony Ryan, Emilio, Althea, Laura Kathleen, Joshua and Rayon are all safe. The models for the remaining designers return to the stage. Ivy goes first and says that she wanted to create a look that complemented the shoe without overpowering it. Georgina likes the flapper quality of the dress. Isaac doesn't like that the shiny sparkles stop on the back and says that the first thing you do on an expensive dress when you can't afford the embroidery. Rafi thinks that it should be shorter.

Wendy says that she tried to make a tuxedo pant (no she didn't) and chose a punchy fabric for the top. She also says that the chain is an ode to her 13-year old daughter. Carolyn feels that there's too much going on in the look. I think Carolyn is so cute. She looks like she feels a little bad criticizing the looks, but that's almost more damning. Georgina doesn't think the pants are tuxedo pants either! Rafi is confused. Isaac thinks it looks "theme park." Ouch.

Kayne of Many Colors says that he was trying to make something that didn't compete with his tangerine shoe. Carolyn doesn't like the top. She likes the silhouette, not the top. Isaac thinks that the JLo adjacency works against the whole disco thing and I agree with that.

Uli says that she was trying to make a party dress that wasn't slutty. Her model is wearing yellow eyeshadow and it's amazing. Rafi says that he wants to go dancing with Uli's girl. How did she make this? Isaac thinks its futuristic Cherokee, but he wishes there were more happening on the back. Georgina thinks that she was doing something smart with the shape, which allowed her to concentrate on the embellishments.

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