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Death of a Seamstress

They get to sketch while sitting in the theatre, which Austin finds really inspiring. Mondo says that everyone thinks of Broadway as Broadway with fringe and stuff, but it's actually hard. Is it? Do they? I know it's probably not his intention, but I find that so patronizing. Does anyone sit around thinking that stage costume design is like, "You know what, just slap some fringe on it -- it's BROADWAY! God, this is easy." Michael tells us that he tosses a few of his original ideas and settles on a skirt and a top.

At Mood, Austin decides on a brocade that will read wealth. Kara wants to make a fur stole accentuated by a bold color. Mondo looks for stuff that will pop. Austin interviews that he loves Kara because she's so dramatic -- one minute she'll be doing an interpretive dance and the next she'll be sobbing. Lady Mila Killjoy informs everyone that their time is up. It's on to the workroom.

Kenley is still wearing her curlers. Oh dear, I didn't realize that. She tells Austin that she has got to get them out of her hair, but Mondo tells her that she'll be wearing them all day. She disagrees. Kenley, with very tight curls, tells us that she a jacket is her signature piece. Jerell says that lame` is the primary fabric in his design. Kara is trying to work with clean lines and a simple chic aesthetic. Kenley tells everyone that Kara is done with her design and everyone agrees that it's beautiful. Then, Kenley and Kara dance around the workroom. Mila interviews that she has noticed this overpraising of the designs of others and it's really big with Kara and Kenley. Jesus. Can you believe that? I'm all for authenticity but she is such a hater! People can't appreciate each other? Whatever. She says that she's afraid that when one of those girls is eliminated, the other will have some sort of meltdown or something.

Austin is trying to inspire himself by repeatedly whispering "Broadway!" He's yearning for his Great White Way debut. Mondo says that the Neiman Marcus accessory wall has everything they could want -- he grabs all of the good stuff. Joanna comes in for a consultation and says that she thinks that this is one of the most interesting challenges with one of the greatest prizes. She starts with Austin who says that he thought of Marie Antoinette in regards to the character. Joanna loves his fabric choices because they ask the question: is this beautiful or is this hideous? She says that, currently, his garish brocade is hideous but she's sure that Austin is going to turn it into something beautiful. Isn't he? Joanna Coles, bringing the drama to the all-stars. She doesn't feel like Kara's look is creative enough. So, she cries in her interview about how hard their all working and Joanna coming in and asking her if she's an all-star makes her doubt herself. Joanna, for some reason, tries to compel Mila to think about making a pencil skirt for her look. She seems really invested in that. Maybe it's because she really wanted a pencil skirt as her costume when she was in an actual production of Godspell a little chestnut that she tells Mondo. I don't really think of Joanna as a theatre girl. Jerell tells Joanna that his jacket is like a piece of jewelry, an observation with which Joanna agrees. She points out that this is the first week that Kenley has not used polka dots. Before she leaves, Joanna challenges all of the designers to be ambitious.

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