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Death of a Seamstress

The designers leave the stage and Angela says that this was a great challenge. She thinks that Michael's girl looked like the Chiquita banana lady. Sutton doesn't think that his look was specific to a character. Isaac thinks that Mondo's look was very complex. They loved Austin's commitment to his inspiration. Isaac thinks that Mila's girl looks like she's using drugs. Sutton thinks it looks like Pretty Woman before she gets pretty. Isaac clarifies that he thought it was Kara's best showing, but he still didn't like it. Angela likes that she tried to push herself. Georgina was disappointed that Kenley only worked with the thrift portion of the challenge.

The designers return to the stage. Michael is safe. The winner is...Mondo! He interviews that he's feeling validated after the previous challenge. Austin is in and Angela says that it was a tough decision. He tells "Miss Foster" that it was a pleasure meeting her. Kenley is in. That leaves Kara and Mila. Angela says that Mila is a master of geometrics, but everything was off this week. Kara is commended for pushing herself but her construction left a lot to be desired. Mila is... safe. Kara is out. Mila gives a really weak hug to Kara as she leaves the stage. Angela tells Kara that she's very talented. She's such a sweet girl. Kara interviews tearfully that she gave her all every time. Austin tells her backstage that she's an artist. Kara cries that she just wants her family to be proud of her. She interviews that she has learned how much she has grown since her first season, also how much she still has to go.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed at @jblong.

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