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Also, the winner of the challenge will receive 20 grand. Everybody is floored. Mondo tells us that he has never made more than 12 grand in a year. Damn. Where does he live that he can survive on that? Tim tells Ivy that she looks "stricken." She explains in an interview that she's currently struggling to survive financially, so the prize money would mean a lot to her. Collier explains that the L'Oreal tie-in is the launch of these new two-tone eye shadow packs that they're launching. They get to choose from the finishes. Mondo chooses first and goes with bright. Tim picks a name from the button bag next and picks Christopher who goes with crystal. April goes with matte, Other Michael with metallic, Ivy goes with bright because she wants to prove to the judges that she can do something besides muted colors. Valerie goes with crystal. Gretchen chooses velvet, even though Tim warned the designers that it's a hard look to master. Other Michael interviews that velvet is a boring fabric and Gretchen designs boring clothes. Match made in heaven. Other Michael seems to really have taken all of the snobby bullying to heart. You know what? Good for him.

They start to sketch and they find out they have 300 bucks to spend at Mood. Also, they'll have two days for the challenge, which makes everyone gleeful. Gretchen interviews that this challenge is built to show the judges whether or not they can be true designers. Mondo says that he's going to go literal and actually make a bright design, taking after a kaleidoscope. Mood is uneventful, though Swatch the dog seems to have problems with Tim Gunn.

Back at the workroom, April notes that everyone is working at a leisurely pace because of the two days they have to work, but she wants to get her shit done early because "you never know." Except you do. You know this isn't what it seems. Valerie regrets choosing silk, because it's difficult to work with. Gretchen notes that Other Michael chose the same bordeaux color that she's using. He interviews that they are both addicted to the color. She feels like he's copying her. She goes on to say that she doesn't feel like Other Michael has any point-of-view in his work. She thinks he's a replicator. She thinks he's one of the Transformers? That's just crazy.

Now, it's time for consultations with Collier. Andy is going for a warrior look and he wants his girl to look a little like an alien. And, look at that, she comes out looking like a fierce alien. Later, Tim comes to the workroom for consultations. Valerie is still in the mock-up stage. Christopher interviews that he doesn't think it's avant garde enough for a Paris runway. Andy says that the last challenge awakened a fighter in him and we're going to see that in his design. So pretentious. I think I maybe just enjoyed that it was so ridiculous. Gretchen is going for a sort of kimono look, but Tim thinks it looks like a robe. Other Michael, who apparently always has an opinion about her behind closed doors, does not like what she's doing. Ivy's got this shiz in mind about waves of water on her dress and Tim thinks it's too literal. He also things she's treading dangerously close to pageant territory.

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