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The models come in for fittings and apparently Mondo's girl is actually smaller than his dress form. I didn't know this could happen. I'd love to tell a model that she needs to fatten up a little. For the JOB. Anyway, so Mondo feels that she's his muse and is being loyal to that, but now he has to take in the bodice a ton and he feels like it's ruining the entire shape of the piece.

The next morning, everyone drags themselves out of bed. April notes that everyone is exhausted in multiple ways. Valerie is moving into the whiny zone. At the workroom, everyone gets cracking. In the sewing room, Gretchen notes that the challenge is tricky because you're supposed to be super bold and original while still retaining your design aesthetic. Mondo says he's going balls to the wall, even if his girl will only have panties and a bustier.

Tim comes back to the workroom... with a surprise. He actually seems nervous about this. He tells them that they have to create a ready-to-wear companion to their high fashion looks. They're only going to have until the next day to finish. People are gobsmacked. Mood is like crazy town. Ivy gets the same fabric that she's using for her high fashion piece. Valerie is freaked out.

Back at the workroom, Christopher starts taking short cuts. Other Michael says that he isn't worried about time. April says that with the prize money for this challenge, she would pay off her student loans. And, she would get a miniature pony. I'm not sure that she's not serious. Gretchen says that she wants credit card companies to stop calling her and that's the realest she's been on this program so far. She interviews that she's been poor for a long time. She says with great seriousness that 20 grand would change everything. I hear ya, sister. Mondo says that he needs some drinking money. He interviews that the prize money might distract some of the designers.

Tim comes back to the runway. Valerie says that she's not happy with her progress. Tim tells her that she has to make it work. She feels that she has lost a day of work, so she goes to the bathroom and cries. Gretchen and Ivy follow her. She cries that she doesn't want to make an ass of herself. Psst -- this is kind of ass-y too. I mean, I know you're tired, Valerie, but don't be such a baby. Ivy thinks she's just exhausted. Then, she interviews that Valerie's behavior is wearing. Valerie finally pulls herself together and it's back to work.

Models eliminated from earlier challenges come in for fittings for the ready-to-wear looks. As they're leaving, Gretchen calls out "Bye Model!" Didn't even bother to get her name. Classy. Can't blame her though.

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