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The next day, Ivy is worried that she has been to ambitious. Valerie's trying to keep it together. In the boys' room, Andy says that Valerie is always using wool. Damning. He says that he thinks this might be the week that the judges get tired of her schtick.

Back at the workroom, Mondo says that he's going to have to "time management" himself. Designers and grammar are like oil and water. Who am I to talk? These recaps come out like grammar Swiss cheese sometimes. I do talk right though. Tim comes in and tells everyone their time limitations. Other Michael is still hating on Gretchen's look. She, in turn, interviews that his dress is a mess. So, I think the mustache dude in the L'Oreal Paris make-up war room is the crushiest guy left on this program.

Everybody's scrambling and Mondo interviews that the stress of rushing can bring out someone's best work. This doesn't appear to be the case for Ivy. Valerie tells Tim that she can't find the shoes she set aside for her model, but Tim just pulls her out the door.

Here's Heidi and her bangs. She introduces Michael, Nina and guest judge Naeem Khan. He has dressed Michelle Obama. Hey. The show begins with April. It's this dramatic short black pantsuit with a train and feathers. Her ready-to-wear look is a short dress with a similar silhouette. Mondo's look is next. Tons of colors and a neat, sculptural bodice. His ready-to-wear look is a black and white dress with similar patterning. Ivy's dress is next. It's a plane bodice with two blues. The other dress is just a cocktail version. Pretty boring. Ivy thinks she's safe. Other Michael's look is next and it's a pretty evening gown with a massive train. The ready-to-wear look is skin tight and sexy as hell. It's just a shorter version of his other dress.

Christopher's look is next and I think this is beautiful. It's an evening gown with nude panels and flowing white and purple chiffon. His ready-to-wear is a short white dress of similar silhouette. Gretchen's dress has a period feel. Otherwise, it's that kimono shape, just with a dash of old school Edwardian. She thinks it's her best work. Her ready-to-wear is gorgeous and retains the flow and spirit of her high fashion look. It's really beautiful. I didn't like this as much the first time I saw it, but it really is very pretty. Not so much a fan of that kimono thing, which, though creative, kind of seems not very cool.

Here's Valerie's look. It's a white gown with this weird sculptural strap on one shoulder that is truly unfortunate. It's like she forgot to take the dress off of the hanger before she put it on. Valerie knows. She says it looks like Rainbow Brite on crack. And bleach. It's just white. Her other look is a black halter dress and it's ridonk. Nothing to do with anything. Andy's look is a pantsuit with tons of military-style ruffles that are very sculptural. His ready-to-wear is a simple black dress with panels that imitate the sculpture in the first look. He's thrilled with the outcome.

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