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Designers in a Bell Jar

The judge confer. Heidi seems bothered that everyone likes Andy's look. Naeem likes the effort he put into it. Michael likes the day look. Nina likes that Mondo embraces color. Michael points out that his day look is slimming. Heidi likes the bohemian flavor of Gretchen's look. Nina thinks the richness of Gretchen's fabric would be good for an advertorial. Heidi thinks the day look is boring, but Michael liked the movement and silhouette -- including that slit on the side.

Michael thinks that Other Michael just used too much fabric in his high fashion look. Heidi thinks there were some good things about it and Naeem agrees that his looks were salvageable. Michael finds Valerie's day look to be a Xanax. He thinks she doesn't understand fabric. But, Nina says that Ivy's high fashion look was "tragic." Naeem thinks the use of color was a disaster. Michael points out that Ivy bites off more than she can chew. Naeem says he thinks that Ivy was the worst, but Michael says it's a tough race for who was lousiest.

The designers are back onstage. Mondo is the winner! He interviews that, before the show, he had 14 bucks in his bank account. Now, he has $20,014 in his bank account. Backstage, April asks him to buy her pony. She and Christopher seem very happy for him. He kind of cries. Andy is in. Gretchen is in.

More loser time. Other Michael is in. He hugs Valerie and not Ivy, before leaving. Heidi tells Valerie that her concept was unclear. She says Ivy was disappointing and her looks unflattering. Ivy is... out. Valerie seems stunned because she is... in. Backstage, Ivy cries that she's going to miss designing. People remind her that she doesn't have to stop. Valerie says that she thinks it should have been her. Tim enters and says that he's sad because her looks were unfinished. Ivy tells Valerie to stop complaining before leaving. She interviews that she's going to keep on going. I feel bad. Ivy seemed like such a pill, but it's clear that she's just trying to forge ahead. Creative lives are a bitch sometimes.

We see the shoot for Mondo's advertorial. He says that winning this prize proves to him that he can do this.

Jeff Long is a performer/writer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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