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Raw Talent

Michael says that this challenge wasn't much of a stretch for Chris, but he really liked what he did. Richie and Michael agree that it looks expensive. Richie loves the design.

Ricky says that he chose Layla because she's spunky. Nina says that she likes the design as a bathing suit, but not a costume. They ask her to put the cover-up on again and this shit's over. Richie hates it. He says it's unflattering and boxy. Traver says that Ricky really didn't attack the challenge or embrace the chance to dress a superhero.

Later, the judges discuss their favorites. They all like Christian. Nina says that he was able to make it sexy without revealing too much. Michael thought the jacket was fabulous. Traver thought that Chris' design flattered the model. Michael says that Maria loved how she looked. Nina thought that Jillian's was her favorite. Michael thinks that her design really accomplished the goal of sporty and sexy.

Heidi thinks that Ricky missed the boat. He says that he has seen that swimsuit before and the tunic was unattractive. It looked like a "disco hair-cutting smock." Traver says it stuck out like a sore thumb on the runway. Richie says that Rami's outfit was too "frou-frou" and it looked like "Paris Hilton wannabe." Richie actually looks a little like Paris Hilton in 10 years himself. Heidi thinks she stood out, but not in a good way. Sweet P didn't give her client what she wanted, which was a drag queen. Michael thought her robe looked "chewed up."

America wants to see Tim fight the Divas. Why?

Back on the runway, Jillian is in. Chris is the winner! He seems surprised and really happy. He interviews that of course he would win the tackiest challenge. Christian is in. Rami is in. Heidi tells Ricky that all he made was a bathing suit. Sweet P's outfit did not match the image of her client. Sweet P is in! She seems shocked. She kisses Ricky as he walks off the runway. With dry eyes. Huh?

He says, totally without crying, that he will take away from the show with a stronger sense of self. He's not going to fear what others think. Christian, like, sticks his tongue out at Ricky. Rude. Ricky's still not crying as Tim takes him away. What is this about!? I did not see this freak bawling everywhere over some former fat lady's clothes to see him walk off the show without some DRA! MA! Cry! He says that he has the rest of his life to show at Bryant Park. No crying. At all. Anticlimax much?

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