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Raw Talent

Heidi asks the designers if they are ready for their next challenge. They are. She says that's just too damn bad they'll have to wait. That night, at the apartments, Sweet P asks everyone what they think the challenge will be. She thinks it might be a cocktail dress, since that's what Heidi was wearing on the runway. Rami wonders if it might be a celebrity. Then, Sweet P says it could be designing a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated. Rami replies, "Ew." Goodness.

The next morning, Tim greets the designers in the workroom. They're going on another "field trip." Chris interviews that they were all suspicious about where they would be going. At the elevators, Christian asks Tim if they are going someplace fabulous. They are. Then, Christian asks if this place will also be fierce. "It had better be fierce, Tim." So precocious, I could just squeeze him to death. Back to Chris, he says that he has wondered if they might be designing for drag queens. Wondered/wished, potato/potahto. In the elevator, Jillian says that she hopes they don't have to run today, because her heels are six inches high. Christian points out that they had to run in another challenge as well. Yeah, what's the deal with that?

The field trip is as far as the room where the runway is. They step out of the elevator and walk towards the doors and there are all of these grunts and screams coming from inside the runway room. Nina's lunchtime? It's a mystery. Jillian says that is was "crazy war noise" that sounded "violent and scary." "Crazy war noise" is a new favorite of mine. Not sure when I'll be able to use it, but I will. The designers are so freaked out. Tim begins his preamble about how this is the runway, blah, blah, but it doesn't sound like anyone's really listening. Sweet P interviews that it sounds like people are killing each other from inside the room. Christian thinks that it sounds like sex moans. Sex is war.

They finally enter the room and there are women wrestling in a ring where the runway usually is. Rami interviews that he didn't know where this was going, and it was like watching a train wreck happen. Well, I know exactly what they're doing the minute I see the women, but I love thinking of where Rami's mind could be going. What if they have to make wedding dresses for them? Business suits? Nun habits? Chris says that it was pretty great watching the women kick the shit out of each other. These girls are scantily clad.

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