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Raw Talent

Designers and Divas make their way to the workroom. Tim tells them that they'll have 30 minutes to work together before the designers go to Spandex House to buy supplies. I shit you not, they are going to Spandex House. They will have $100 for the challenge.

We see Chris tell Maria that everyone is thinking that they are just making "stripper tranny wear." Hmm, not sure that's such a complimentary thing to say. She's cool though and replies, "Partially stripper tranny." Partially, because they have vaginas. And they're not actually strippers. Chris notes and Maria concurs that she has an affinity for leopard print. Mrow.

Torrie tells Rami that she projects "innocence, but still sexy." Maybe innocent of capital murder, but who's she kidding? Rami seems a bit flummoxed. He says it's not a very fashionable challenge, but he still needs to make her happy.

Candice Michelle seriously tells Sweet P that she's the "classy sexpot" and not the "whore sexpot." Have these women been in a sensory deprivation chamber? How could they be so wrong about what words mean? Sweet P doesn't even look her in the eye. She interviews that all of the sparkly stuff on Candice Michelle's outfit "scared the shit" out of her. "I just don't even get it!" she screams. I've never liked her more, for some reason. I like that Sweet P just puts it out there when she doesn't know what the hell she's doing.

Christian is cruising along with Kristal. It looks like they agree on chaps (or "a chap" as Christian says, dear God) with cutouts. Ricky suggests gold fabric to Layla and she seems to be into that. He interviews that anything can be fashion when you are designing for someone else, whether it's spandex or an evening gown. First of all, bullshit. Second of all, it sounds like the producers asked the designers, "Is this challenge about fashion?" and made them answer back with the question in the answer, because who gives a pop? Weird question. And, shouldn't Ricky be crying by now? He and Layla agree on a one piece.

All of the Divas hug their designers, then they're off to Spandex House. I love that Spandex House exists. Chris finds what he wants immediately. Everyone, in fact, seems to find what they want.

The designers have the rest of that day and all of the next day for the challenge. Jillian watches DVD's (from BLOCKBUSTER -- okay, maybe it's time to rethink what I said earlier) of the Divas doing their wrestling thing. She's rooting on the women that she's watching, but she's kidding. She dryly announces to the little screen that she's watching, "If I design the wrong thing, she might body slam me." Doesn't Jillian remind you of the third female lead in a work place sitcom? Think about it. She says that spandex is difficult to sew.

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