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Raw Talent

Next is Chris' design. It's pretty good. It's a green leopard bra top with criss-crossing straps everywhere. She's wearing black sparkly boy shorts that are really cute. The best part is this leopard print hooded top. The sparkly material is lining it and it looks really good. She's also wearing elbow length gloves of the sparkly material. Chris loves his design.

Candice Michelle comes out in Sweet P's design. It's a white bra top and white boy shorts, with a white robe. I'm sure it's more textured in person, but that's what's happening on my TV. The robe is cut to show her boobs and tummy, which sure does take the steam out of her weird reveal thing that she apparently always does. Nina and Michael giggle when she opens her robe. Sweet P thinks the design makes her look feminine.

Torrie comes out in Rami's outfit and she's completely terrifying. She kind of skips down the runway and I don't know how to explain it. I'm frightened is all. She's wearing that pink fabric and it essentially looks like any number of Rami designs, but this one got caught in a wood chipper. He's afraid this design looks like he has been smoking crack.

All of the designers are onstage and they are all going to get critiqued, so the Divas join them. Jillian explains that she tried to make something sporty. Michelle loves it -- she feels like she could "really go for it" in the ring while wearing Jillian's design. Michael says he feels like "the Pope at a sex club" because he's a gay and doesn't like wrestling. ["He shouldn't feel too bad, the Pope at a sex club would actually make a decent wrestling gimmick." -- Joe R] He feels like Jillian made something entertaining, yet sporty. Traver loves the booty shorts. Jillian says that he can borrow them.

Rami says that he tried to make something flirty. Michael thinks that Rami should have used something based in Americana, like "gingham gone bad." That's actually a really good idea. Nina hates the pink, and Rami's all "I knew it!"

Christian says that Kristal loves leather and lace, so that's what they did. Richie thinks she looks like Vanity, which is awesome. Michael agrees about the "Prince moment." Heidi says that Kristal scares her, but she would still consider having a go at her in the ring. Please, someone make that happen.

Sweet P explains her design and there's silence. Richie points out that there is no reveal with the robe. Candice Michelle says that she's happy, but Heidi pushes her because the producers told her to. She says that the outfit was a bit bare for her. Michael says that, if you have a client willing to go for it...uh, go for it.

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