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Reap What You Sew

The next day, at Parsons, Tim tells everyone that they have two hours to get their models dressed and made up. Okay, Angela mugs for the camera. I want you to start counting how many times you see her start to smile. She smiles every time the camera is on her. And she wasn't smiling before the camera was focused on her. This must end.

When Robert's team dresses their model, it becomes clear that their skirt has problems. The slit in the back is really high. There's about to be some hoo-hoo in the house. They tack it, but it still opens a lot.

Bonnie is worried about the pants for her look, because it's the "least interesting" piece in the outfit. If she's preparing to throw my boy Bradley under the bus, we're gonna have problems.

Alison and Jeffrey are totally happy with their outfit. Their model seems impressed that they finished it by themselves. At one point, Jeffrey says that they couldn't have asked for a better fit for the outfit. Looks like they're on a winning path.

Laura interviews that Michael was in charge of the styling for their outfit. He's going to make sure that it stays "young and fresh." Nothing too granny. I really like how Laura is free to compliment other people and work with them. She continues, saying that Angela was a good team leader. Tim enters to bring them all down to the runway, and it's commercial time. The poll this week is "Did Keith deserve to be kicked off?" I'm interested in seeing how huge the majority of "Yes" votes will be.

Heidi enters the runway wearing a really odd outfit. It's like black shorts and a little strapless black top. They don't fit right. They're puffy or something. Crap, Vera Wang is replacing Michael Kors again. What is going on? Vera Wang is starting to freak me out. I want Michael Kors back. Nina Garcia is joined by Mehmet Tangoren.

The show begins with Angela's design. It consists of a pair of really fitted gray slacks, a short-sleeved and -waisted blazer, and a long-sleeved pink blouse with a v-neck. Everything looks really sharp and nicely tailored. There are some shiny accents on the pockets of the blazer and pants, which are set at an angle. For me, that's where the Empire State Building influence is manifest. The model is carrying a shiny oversized handbag, is wearing sunglasses, and has a silver chain around her neck. The styling by Michael is working really well. Angela interviews that working with Laura and Michael was a "dream" because they both sew well and have great taste.

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