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Next up is Robert's design. The first thing I notice is the white jacket that covers it all. It seriously looks like a parachute jacket from the early '90s. Totally. Not "reminiscent of" -- my friend Melissa had that exact jacket in the early '90s. It's what she wore when she was having her monthly time. I am not making a joke, people. She had this big jacket that she would wear -- it was her "fuck it" look. I doubt INC is looking for looks to complete people's "fuck it" wardrobes. Underneath the jacket is a jersey skirt, and sweater with a white-collared shirt underneath. The cuffs are French and are doubled back over the sleeves of the sweater. It's not bad; it's just so different from the jacket. I can't for the life of me figure out why he made that jacket. Again, I'd like to reiterate that I'm not making any stupid "girls on the rag" jokes. Melissa wore that fucking jacket every month. Robert interviews that he is really jazzed by his outfit. He does point out that it was not his intention to have the slit show as much of the model's hindquarters as it does.

Bonnie's model goes next. It's pretty simple. It's a cowl-necked salmon-colored turtleneck with a long white jacket over it. The jacket ties at the waist. There are wide-legged brown trousers beneath. It kind of reminds me of the patterns they sell at the fabric store, which can't be a good thing. Bonnie says that she is happy with the design. It's for a customer who is looking for something safe.

Finally, it's Keith's design. It looks super-hot on the model. The first thing I notice is that the pants are amazingly tight-fitted. Good job, Jeffrey. At the bottom of the leg, the pants open on the sides and have some really cool button detailing. The top is a turtleneck. The bottom of the turtleneck is what appears to be the straps of the tank top that Keith was talking about earlier. I'm still not sure what he meant, because I don't think anyone could wear that as a dress; but it looks really cool, like suspender straps hanging down. On top is this really great gray coat. Everything is modern and stylish. Good stuff. And I believe the model is Camille? She's our breakout, I think. She's gorgeous. Alison interviews that she and Jeffrey felt awesome when they saw their outfit.

Heidi asks Jeffrey and Alison and Angela's team to step forward. They have the highest scores. Robert and Bonnie have the teams with the low scores, so they leave for now. Backstage, Robert says, "They want to fuck with our heads just a little more."

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