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Reap What You Sew

Onstage, Mehmet asks Angela about the detail on the back of the collar of her jacket. She says, "Oh, this is my signature rosettes, which I'm obsessed with right now." Mehmet likes the proportions of the outfit. Vera loves the colors. The old Angela rears her stupid head and says, "The color palette was actually inspired by the sunrise over the Empire State Building my second morning here." That's such bullshit. She didn't even know what her colors would be until Laura told her to decide. Then Michael shows the judges the lining of the jacket and the judges love it. Heidi points out that it looks very expensive for having only cost $100.

Jeffrey says that he and Alison worked very well together. All of the judges love the pants. Mehmet says that it has the "groovy factor." Not entirely sure what to think about that. Vera likes the vents on the sides of the slacks. The winner's design will be featured in a Macy's window display -- but they won't find out who won until the next day.

Now for the losers. Heidi asks Bonnie's model to take off the coat, revealing the cowl-necked blouse to be tunic-shaped. Nina is outraged. "Who uses a cowl neck?" About the slacks, Heidi says, "They look cheap, no?" Well, they are cheap. They had $100 to make the whole thing. Oh my God, Nina's not done. She HATES the fabric of the pants. In fact she doesn't like anything about the entire outfit. I feel that if Nina were closer to Bonnie right now, she might hit her or spit on her. There's some repressed memory in Nina that's surfacing right now. Some traumatic cowl-neck-and-dowdy-pants experience. There's got to be a support group for that. Hopefully, she's acknowledged the problem. For real, she's like drooling, she's so pissed off. Bonnie and Uli say that they were thinking of a broad range of customers (including older ladies), and Nina's all, "But people don't want to look old!" Bradley says that he worked on the pants. Nina asks him how he felt about the outfit and he diplomatically, though tellingly, says that what they made is very close to what was sketched. Vera says that it doesn't seem as fun as what she would have expected from the three of them.

Robert says that they were thinking of a sophisticated consumer. Heidi doesn't see how the jacket fits with the rest of the outfit. Vera notices the out-of-control slit in the back, and Nina wonders why one of the three of them didn't notice. Vincent says cryptically (but not really, because it's clear if you say anything other than "I loved the design" that you, uh, didn't love the design) that Robert was passionate about the design and he was happy to help. Kayne of Many Colors doesn't really have anything to say. Nina's still pissed. "You're here to wow us!"

The designers leave the runway, and the judges deliberate. They love Angela's outfit. You can buy any one of the three pieces and it looks expensive. Mehmet liked the synergy of Alison and Jeffrey. They admire that they finished strongly despite losing Keith.

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