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Mehmet calls Bonnie's design "Triple LY -- last year's, last year's, last year." Wow -- there's some profundity brewing in that fat head of his (cruel). Heidi felt like it looked too 1970s. Nina's still hung up on the cowl neck and dowdy pants. "That's it."

They didn't like the jacket for Robert's design. Mehmet feels that it was the wrong proportion. Vera finds it "discombobulated." I totally agree with that. I'm not sure clothes can really do this, but I find Robert's design disorienting. Spies should wear it. Nina thinks it was cheap and boring. She's so filled with rage right now.

Robert's and Bonnie's teams return to the stage. Commericals. And 89% of voters felt that Keith deserved to be kicked off. What the hell 11% think he shouldn't have been? Perhaps the Michael clan (as in Keith's last name, not Michael the designer)?

Uli is immune, so she's "in." KoMC is "in." He squeezes Robert's arm as he's leaving. Might this be the end of Team Jolene? Vincent is "in." Bradley is "in." Thank heavens. It's down to Bonnie and Robert. Robert was too conservative. Heidi says, "We felt like your outfit was a total bore." Robert mouths a heartfelt "Ow." Bonnie is told that her outfit was not "fashion-forward." Bonnie's getting a little teary. Oh, I hate that. She seems so sweet. And -- she's "out." She immediately looks like she's fighting tears and it's really sad. As Tim takes her to clean up her stuff, she really gets choked up and there's something very upsetting about it. She interviews that she liked the challenges and the other designers. She says that she loved every minute she was on the show. Well, good luck to you, Bonnie. You're a sweetheart.

The next day, Angela's team, along with Jeffrey and Alison, go to Macy's. And it's Angela's design in the window. She is thrilled. She interviews that it shows her scope as a designer, which I'm not sure is entirely true. ["It's completely wrong. If she'd showed her usual 'scope' she'd have gotten bounced." -- Sars] Jeffrey and Alison seem really bummed, and I guess I can understand. Jeffrey just wants to win "one fucking challenge." Poor guy.

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