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Now we're choosing models. Uli gets to choose because she won the last challenge, and decides that she's going with a different model. She chooses Nazri and interviews that she chose her because she wanted to take her away from Keith. Nice. She gives Keith a little shoulder squeeze that is awesome. Like, "I'm so sorry. I had to do this." Then Heidi pulls out buttons to see who will choose next. A lot of the designers go with different models this time. And there's more than a little bitchiness inherent in the choosing of another person's model. Love it. In the end, Alison's model, Toni, is auf'd. We see Alison looking at the floor, avoiding eye contact, as Toni walks off the runway. Bye, Toni!

Back at the runway, Tim is there to tell them more about the challenge. He introduces Mehmet Tangoren, Macy's VP of Contemporary Sportswear. Mehmet's got a shaved chubby head with a soul patch. It's a look that immediately repulses me -- just throwing that into the ether. You know those genres of appearance that are just viscerally disturbing? Fat bald head with a soul patch is one for me. And short, spiky, dyed red hair with chocolate lipstick on a lady. It makes me crazy. Like, I have to get out of the room. Unnecessary? Yes, but totally totally true.

Mehmet explains that their challenge will be to create a three-piece look for INC. He says that an INC customer is "ageless" and "fashion-forward." The brand is really important to Macy's. Big seller.

Tim says that the challenge will be performed in teams of three. The designers look alternately stoic and pissed. In other words, nobody's, like, pumped or anything. Angela interviews that this team challenge will give her a chance to redeem herself. Maybe you can make yourself look like a better team member than the designers think you are right now, but a solo challenge would be better for saving your name as a designer. Like, "I sucked when I made that dress by myself, but now I'm on this team and we made something awesome. Isn't your idea of me as a designer changed forever?" But, baby steps, I guess.

Tim says that they want to put the designers "inside a real-world industry experience," so they are going to take turns doing blow off each other's asses. Wait, different sort of experience. Instead, they are going to pitch their ideas to Mehmet to see who the team leaders will be. You know that guy's got a stash, though, so we may kill two fashion birds with one shiny shiny stone. Why am I picking on that poor guy? He's done nothing. I'm sorry, Mehmet.

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