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So, Robert Best is always wearing sunglasses, huh? Maybe it's the lighting, but none of the other designers are squinting. Sensitive retinas on that bad boy. He interviews (sans sunglasses, thus ruining my point -- but he does wear the shades a lot) that working with Barbie has prepared him for challenges such as this, because he had to present strong ideas to clients often.

Tim tells the designers that they have thirty minutes to sketch. Plus, he gives each of them an INC dossier, which explains a little bit more about what the INC style is all about. We hear a patchwork interview from Keith, the gist of which is that his work in menswear has prepared him for pitches like the one he'll be giving to Mehmet.

Bonnie, who is sporting the permed, streaked hairstyle of Kate Jackson in Scarecrow and Mrs. King, has worked for Nike and knows what it's like to design for the dirty masses.

Angela reminds us that she doesn't sketch. But she adds that it just isn't part of her "process," which -- as annoying as she may be -- I guess is totally her right. I mean, if she expects people to want to invest in her designs based solely on the ridiculous words that come out of her mouth, more power to her. I predict doom. She acknowledges that not being an adept sketcher puts her in a rough position, so I give her some points for exhibiting at least a touch of self-awareness. Frankly, I'm more than a little surprised to detect any grasp on reality from the woman who acted like thinking up "Jubilee Jumbles" was profound. I still get shivers, people.

After the sketching period, Tim takes them to Macy's to pitch their ideas to Mehmet. The same Mehmet who was in the workroom thirty minutes earlier. I guess his collar starts giving him electrical shocks if he's away from the office too long. Again, this is my problem, not yours, Mehmet.

Everyone pitches their ideas, and it sounds like there's some pretty good stuff. Laura says that she wants to create "the Holy Grail of Shopping: the perfect pair of black pants." She'll revolutionize cater-waitering! Alison wants to make skinny jeans. Keith explains a convertible tank top that can be pulled down and worn as a dress. I can't really visualize that, but it sounds really cool. Robert is talking with his eyes closed again. I think he must have eye issues. I'm not making fun, either. Mehmet is my current target for senseless slurs. FAT HEAD. I like to explain because the line between observation and cruelty is a fuzzy one. Probably even fuzzier for Robert because he is clearly going blind (observation). FAT HEAD (cruel).

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