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Reap What You Sew

Angela is describing her inspiration to Laura and Michael, and Laura interrupts to tell her that Angela needs to figure out what colors she wants to use -- and fast. Angela interviews that she knows that most of the designers think she's coming out of "left field." If we're using the baseball metaphor, I'd say that the designers think Angela is a hot dog vendor. But, moving on... I have to say, Angela appears receptive to input from Laura, which is more than I can say for a lot of the designers with their teammates.

Keith tells Alison and Jeffrey that he wants to give everyone tasks based on their strengths. Then he assigns Jeffrey the job of making the pants for their design. Alison points out that, since Keith is a menswear designer, he has much more experience making pants. Keith assigns Alison a really complicated turtleneck because it's jersey knit and she has more experience with jersey. Jeffrey interviews that he and Alison were given the most ambitious pieces of the outfit.

At Mood, everybody is doing the usual fabric scramble. Bonnie mentions that it was difficult to find stuff within their budget. Michael picks out a fabric with peaks printed on it that makes Angela think of the Empire State Building. She giggles and says, "Can I totally hug you?" Then, she hugs him. I expected both Laura and Michael to look a little freaked, but they took it in stride. I don't know whether to be disappointed, or ashamed of my own hateful nature. "Disappointed" is easier, so I'm going there. Laura interviews that they were happy with Angela's choices. "It was more appropriate for this particular challenge than the full-tilt boogie Angela quilted extravaganza of puff." You see, without my own hateful nature, I might not have enjoyed that as much as I did. And I LOVED IT. That was fucking funny. The mannequins are like, "We're in stitches!"

Next, we see Keith telling the salespeople at Mood that he overspent and needs a "discount." In other words, he wants something for free. I assume the people at Mood already know that they are getting $100 from each designer. And it's not like a designer can take his business elsewhere. He's asking for free stuff. And it looks like he gets some free stuff. Jeffrey interviews that something about Keith seems off. Keith interviews that he always breaks the rules a little bit, because he thinks he's right. Just a teddy bear, that Keith.

Back at the workroom, everyone gets started. We see Laura and Angela working together, and it looks like Angela has a distinct vision, yet accepts input from Laura. I don't know what to say. She's doing a good job.

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