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Reap What You Sew

Keith says to his roommates that he understands their feelings about the situation and he apologizes. Then, Kayne of Many Colors kind of unnecessarily says, "But do you not see, you brought this on yourself?" Oh Jesus, stop now. Robert, though, makes a good point. "It's a competition with extreme odds."

And, just when I was about to feel sorry for him, Keith whines, "My image has been tarnished forever. I'm off the show. And I'm going to be a laughingstock to all my friends." First of all, we're not friends. Second, you're acting like someone did something to you. This is all you, buddy. Not to mention the aura of dishonesty that surrounds Keith in general on the show -- and his alleged indiscretions discussed on the forums. Suddenly, Kayne of Many Colors's comment is making a lot more sense. Then, even more annoyingly, Keith says that they are all under a lot of stress, which makes people want to find scapegoats. Butt munch. AND he says he never used the books to give him an unfair advantage. I'm guessing that he thought the advantage they gave him was totally fair. Finally, he says that he thinks he would have made it to the end of the competition and he had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, like entire other designers to complete his designs. Something real illegal. Whatever, he's out of our lives now. At least until the reunion. God, I love the reunions.

The next day, in the workroom, Tim breaks the news to the designers. He very diplomatically explains that the "mere possession" of the books is grounds for dismissal. "Project Runway is nothing without its integrity and its seriousness of purpose. And therefore, Keith had to leave." Laying down the law! Tim Gunn is the goddamn sheriff of the fashion Wild West.

Vincent interviews that Keith was stupid to do what he did. Laura says, "Keith -- what an asshole. I'm glad to see him gone." I haven't really seen any evidence to contradict that Laura is really fucking cool. I just completely dig her. The mannequins are right with me, people.

Tim concludes in funereal tones, "Jeffrey and Alison are going to have to carry on and, frankly, make it work." I can hardly handle how great all of this is right now. If it weren't for the stupid techno twang layered on this scene, it would maybe be perfect. Isn't this show successful enough that they can invest in some not-cheap-and-stupid-sounding music?

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