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Reap What You Sew

The news of Keith's departure and the prospect of finishing the challenge looks like it's really freaking Alison out. She seems to be crying a little bit. Of course, she is staring out a window and from the back, we see her wiping her eyes. Maybe it's allergies. She says it's sad to think about how badly Keith wanted the opportunity that the show gives them. That is true. And I feel bad that he felt so desperate that he had to break the rules. He clearly had a lot of talent, so it's really unfortunate that things went down like this. But he's a big boy. He should've known better. Next time, switch out your freaking book jackets, people. No one would've had a problem with Elizabeth Takes Off: On Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Self-Image, And Self-Esteem by Elizabeth Taylor. And it would've been expected. Duh.

Bradley tells Bonnie that he's figured out the pants for the outfit, and she and Uli make jokes about Bradley going home if he's wrong. Bradley interviews that he is a "squid with no ocean. I'm an eagle with no sky." Designer AND a poet? This guy is a catch. In the workroom, he jokes in a maniacal voice, "Laugh now, Bradley, but you'll be thrown into the pit." Way to go, designers. You've alienated Bradley. You've driven the man to poetry.

There's trouble in Taradise -- Kayne of Many Colors and Vincent are not feeling Robert's design. KoMC thinks it looks like something a flight attendant would wear. Now, I present to you the fact that flight attendants no longer dress like that, and wouldn't it be nice if they did. There is lots of collar working on the outfit. Robert interviews that Vincent kept disagreeing with him and he was like, "You are entitled to your wrong opinion." Must remember to use that. Robert also notes that KoMC has the "taste of a love-starved hyena." And you cannot argue with the man right now. Kayne of Many Colors is currently Kayne of Orange. Just the one color. He's wearing a sherbet-orange t-shirt and shorts set. It's truly hideous. And his hair is still matted down. At first, you would think the hair was an unrefined move towards a more conservative hairstyle. But I think what's really going on is that someone ran out of their Aqua Net. Ask Tim Gunn to make a run to Ricky's for you -- because this can't continue. Vincent interviews that his approach is to just let things go if he doesn't like them. Some would say it's better to maybe help or something.

Angela's wearing her Scottish conductor's cap -- and she's making those little flowers that she put on her doggie outfit. Michael interviews that Angela loves "little cutesy details." She wants to put the rosettes on the outfit. In the sewing room, Laura tells Michael that "she's in there making her little grandma things. It's not funny! 'Cause we obviously just can't stop her from hanging herself." Maybe a little nasty, but when was the last time you saw someone try to save a person from themselves on this show? Some would say that, strategically, that's not the best plan -- but I still like it. Time will tell. Laura interviews that Angela has a "wacky design aesthetic." We see clips of Angela's taste being ripped by the judges. Then we see her telling Michael that she wants to put rosettes all over the pants. Michael tries his best to lead her away from that idea, until he just kind of throws himself on the worktable. Laura suggests using the rosettes as buttons, and everybody likes the idea. Maybe Laura can stop Angela from hanging herself. Angela interviews that the collaboration with Michael and Laura is going very well. Now, I kind of have to give her a little credit right now. I mean, it seems pretty clear that Laura and Michael are doing most of the good work on this outfit, despite Angela. But she is the team leader and she could really fuck this up if she wanted to. She could have an ego or try to be a bitch about sticking to her ideas. Or she could try to act like she's doing all of the work -- which is not the case. Instead of a sit-back-and-let-them-do-it attitude, it almost seems like a purity of spirit that is allowing her to accept their ideas. I'm verbose about it simply because I'm expecting this to be the only time I don't hate her. But, really, she's approaching the whole team thing very positively.

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