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Laura from Season 9 is here too. She seems kind of bitter. She says that she was robbed during her season and would have kicked ass had she been able to show a collection. I wonder if there's any correlation between my adoration of Anya and the bitterness of the people from her season. Anya seems to have stoked an unusual amount of ire from her competitors and I wonder if those same qualities that angered the others are part of why I love her so much. I do think that her sort of casual elegance and inability to truly be ruffled maybe read as some sort of Forest Gump thing and they felt like stuff was just being handed to her.

Ivy, from Season 8, is here. What a nightmare that bitch was. We see a montage of her being a total asshole to people. She says that it's important for her to stay focused and she thinks she could win this. She also plans on eating the entrails of at least three other designers. Then, she greets Casanova, from Season 8, as well as Peach! I love Peach. Such a sweet gal. Peach interviews that she didn't really hit it off with Ivy during the competition, but they have since become friends. Ivy can't believe that Casanova didn't tell her that he was going to be in this competition -- he has been working as her assistant. Well, I think it goes without saying that If Casanova goes further than Ivy, he will essentially have won himself out of a job. Casanova is surprised that Ivy is there too, because he wasn't expecting to compete against his boss.

OK, the competition has begun! Here's Uli from Season 3. I have to say, other than maybe Jillian in Season 5 and maybe now Fabio from Season 10, Uli's is the best losing collection in the history of this show. She tells us that being runner-up felt like a slap in the face. OK, this is a theme. Everyone's acting like they've got a score to settle from their original time on the show. Uli doesn't really strike me as someone that would hold onto a lot of stuff. She looks adorable and says that she has some unfinished business and wants to show what she can do.

Well, well well. Well, well, well, well well. It's our Kayne of Many Colors. And the stylist from One Direction has dressed him for today. Yeah, I don't really get that reference either. So, he, um, has had some work done. He's wearing a vest and a kicky chapeau, all in black and white, though it still seems to not match. He interviews that people who think he only does pageant wear forget that he can also do swimsuits and jewelry. So, essentially, anything you would wear at a pageant, not just the evening wear category. Good to know.

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