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Andrae Gonzalo is back from the Red Lobster and on this season of Project Runway: All-Stars! Yay! This is such god news! I missed Andrae. In fact, this past weekend, before Hurricane Sandy bitch slapped NYC, I had the pleasure of convening with several TWoP recappers past and present, including Joe R, Lauren S, Al Lowe, Djb and Sars at a gay musical theatre piano bar (I know -- why do I need to use so many words that all mean the same thing?) in the West Village when, who should walk in? It's Andrae! TWoP, showtunes and Andrae -- how we all got out of it alive is beyond me. Andrae says that he feels like this is a chance to, hopefully, get everything right. That doesn't sound terribly optimistic, does it?

All of the designers convene at the entrance of Parsons and Casanova is super excited that Emilio is part of the competition. That's cool to see some admiration from at least one of the designers. Rayon shows up and appears to think that his hair being purple is some sort of event. Emilio says that both Uli and Ivy are amazing and he's going to have to make amazing work to compete with them. Wow, this is nice. Uli thinks that Althea and Emilio are her biggest competition.

Then, guys. Guys! It's Wendy Pepper. Holy shit, it's Wendy Pepper. This seriously makes my heart beat a little fast. Joshua is beyond thrilled to see her, which explains a lot. Kayne of Many Colors reminds us that she was the bitch in Season 1. Andrae describes her as a Disney villainess, which is quite apt. Wendy interviews that she has waited eight years but is back to right the great wrong of her not winning the first time. She doesn't believe that either. Luckily, she pulls out the old trope of not being here to make friends, which, seriously, I just can't hear enough. When I look at people for the first time, I'm immediately very concerned with what side of the friends vs. no more friends debate they are on. I pay no attention to how they are as people -- I just need a "friend" or "no more friends" and then I know. And, then, we're either friends or not. I don't really have any power in the decision. That's where fucking Wendy Pepper really just has my number. Bitch gets me. She also tells us to fasten our seat belts, which I never do. Lord, can you imagine the shenanigans that Wendy Pepper is capable of in the name of trying to reclaim some sort of relevance? I'm personally worried for Andrae.

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