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The designers make their way to the runway and are seated beside it when they are greeted by this season's host, Carolyn Murphy! I love this woman. I think she's so gorgeous. And, she used to date the dude from Incubus, which, not taking their music into consideration, was like the score of the decade. That guy was hot. She tells them that there will never be any immunity in the challenges. She goes through the list of prizes, which include that guest editorship at Marie Claire and a trip to all of the big Fashion Weeks in the world. That's cool. It's ton of prizes worth nearly a million dollars.

They go to the roof of some random building and Joanna Coles is there to greet them. She tells them right off the bat that they will be working in teams. Rayon is not happy about this and foresees a clash. She pulls two names from the button bag -- Kayne of Many Colors and Joshua and they will be choosing the first members of their respective teams. Joshua reminds us that he was not great at being a team player in his previous season and we see him yelling at that poor frumpy girl as Anya is trying to comfort her. Joanna tells them that there are no team captains, they merely get to choose first.

Kayne chooses Uli. Joshua chooses Peach, which seems like an odd choice. He interviews that he didn't want to be obvious and choose someone from his season. Uli chooses Casanova. Peach chooses Laura. Casanova chooses Ivy, which seems like it wasn't really his choice. Laura chooses Emilio. Ivy chooses Althea. Andrae is about to lament how this is like not being picked for the kickball team when Emilio tells him to pay attention because he's choosing him. Althea chooses Anthony Ryan, which leaves Wendy and Rayon. They're perfect together. Andrae chooses Rayon, which means that Anthony Ryan is sort of stuck with Wendy. But, that's cool because she's not there to make friends. She interviews quite rationally that it's sort of embarrassing to appear to be a person that no one wants on their team, which is the perpetual mind-fuck with Wendy. She seems so sort of processed, but she's so relentlessly nasty and clueless at the same time.

Joanna tells them that they will be working together to create a mini collection. The theme will be "attitude," like the Linda Dano talk show. Hey! Each team will be given a list of attitudes to choose from, or they can choose their own. They need a list of attitudes? Each designer will be responsible for their own look, but each team must have a cohesive collection. The winning look will come from the winning team and the eliminated designer will come from the losing team.

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