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Both teams separate and move towards easels. "Maybe they've given us options," sing-songs Andrae as he leads his team while walking backwards. There are these bulletin boards with different words on them. Words that are also attitudes. Casanova likes provocative and Althea kinda steamrolls him and says that she likes it too but in order to be provocative you have to be confident (not true), so why don't they just choose confident. Anthony Ryan interviews that she's an aggressive big mouth. She interviews that she doesn't trust anyone on the team well enough to let them take the lead. On the other team, Andrae is sort of free-associating and it seems to be annoying Miss Type A Laura Kathleen Hateful. The edit makes this look like they're really having a lot of problems choosing a word. I wish they'd choose something that's like a really bad attitude, like passive-aggressive or narcissistic. Maybe non-communicative. Uncharitable? They end up going with bold, which I guess is good.

Team Confident decides that they want to use leather and lace for their collection, though Anthony Ryan doesn't seem really jazzed about it. He mentions in a sort of pouty way that everyone chose dresses, so he's going to make separates. He has focused on this aesthetic that is accessible high-fashion. Rayon tells us that "Suede" is going to make -- so I had to rewind it because I completely blacked out after he called himself by the name that isn't truly his birth name in the first place. He's going to make something structured. He explains his aesthetic as rock and roll and street and classy. Those things really go together, so great.

At Mood, everyone greets it like an old friend. For whatever reason, Uli announces in an interview that she no longer just makes flowing dresses. She also makes stuff that you can wear in cities. Emilio says that the color blue is the only thing that Team Bold can agree on.

They get back to the workroom and everyone is impressed with the new digs. Ivy is happy with the Brother sewing machines in particular. She makes a car analogy regarding her shitty sewing machine at home. Althea tells her team that they need to work so that they will have an hour or two left at the end of the day and Wendy interviews that her nickname for Althea is Miss Bossypants. Razor-sharp analysis there, courtesy of Pepper.

Team Bold is discussing what each designer will present for the runway. Peach is describing her design and Andrae suggests that maybe her design isn't "bold" enough. She interviews that her confidence diminished after he said that. Oh no. This doesn't look good. Poor Peach. I wonder if she's just not made for this sort of environment.

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