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Joanna comes in and tells the designers that she is excited to be back in the workroom. She starts her consultations with Team Bold and Rayon in particular. Kayne of Many Colors says that Rayon's design looks like student work. She tells Andrae that she is worried that he may be playing it safe and he responds, "Oh, Geez!" Amazing. Peach explains to Joanna that she is a tennis wear designer. I guess she's not interested in impressing her. She tells Joanna that she makes tennis wear that can go from the courts to the rest of the day and Joanna stifles a puke. She hates this. Peach says that she's working to adapt her aesthetic so that she doesn't stand out badly in a group challenge and Joanna suggests that Peach feels as if she's out of her depth. I don't think these people really know how to mentor Peach properly. She needs a different touch. Joanna suggests to Emilio that his look might be a winner but his team isn't.

She moves on to Team Confident where she first suggest to Anthony Ryan that he edit the leather bow tie that was originally part of his look. She's done us all a service there. Anthony Ryan has no qualms about changing his plan for her. She tells Ivy that she was nervous to meet her because she was such a bitch on her season. Those kid gloves look simply MAH-velous on you, Joanna. Never change. Ivy agrees with her and says that she was a total asshole. Then, she interviews that she was going through a lot at the time. She had put all of her savings into starting her business and she was unable to pay her bills. She actually volunteered at a soup kitchen because she couldn't afford groceries for herself. That's pretty intense and makes me feel really bad for her. She adds that sometimes, when a person is under that much stress, it can make them act out of character. Again, that also makes a lot of sense. I'm totally on the bygones train right now and am ready to chug chug chug into a new day with a new Ivy. Shoot me for that last sentence, somebody please. Also, I was kidding earlier when I said I never wear a seatbelt. They're very important. So is a nice cold beer on your drive home. I'm preaching!

Joanna tells Wendy that she felt badly for her earlier when she didn't get chosen for a team. Wendy tells her that, when something like that happens to her, it just empowers her to try harder. Uli tells her that she's thinking of putting these spike things on her garment and Joanna says that it makes her think of a stegosaurus. OK. She tells Kayne of Many Colors that she feels that his look combines Catwoman and Lady Gaga. Please let there be like an enormous beef between Kayne of Many Colors and Rayon. PLEASE! I'm begging here! She thinks that Casanova's look is maybe slutty. Althea says that she thinks her look will be the winning design. Her problem is that she's humorless. Wendy Pepper is at least somewhat aware of how ridiculous her whole thing is and she seems to secretly get a kick out of it. Althea farts dust and bores me.

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