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Rayon's look is a black and blue dress these tiers of funnel shapes on the skirt. It's a pretty retro silhouette. Sort of early '20s. Rayon loves it and mentions himself in the third-person. Earlier, when I said that someone should shoot me, I was kidding. But, Rayon...? I'm implying nothing there. But, I mean....

Laura's look is next and it's an evening look. The skirt is floor length and black and the top is flared a little bit a the waist with little cap sleeves. It's blue with a little rectangle of black right at the center of the neckline. Laura feels very happy with it. Man, she has gotten more and more sour the longer we've been exposed to her. She just sounds so crabby right now.

Josh's look is certainly bold. It's a two-piece look. Black, flowing high-waisted pants are coupled with this midriff baring black top that has a low neckline and these architectural billowing blue accents at the boob. The back is all straps. This shit is bananas, but I kind of admire it a lot.

Team Confident is up next and Ivy's look is first. It's a white top and black hot pants. There this cow spot thing going on on the sleeves and waist that create a really slimming illusion. The jacket could probably be fitted a little more and I can't exactly figure out where this would be worn, but it's not the worst. Althea's look is next and I'm not a fan but my roommate thinks it's cute and I could see her wearing it and she's a fox, so I'm gonna say yes. It's this long black look that has black lace at the bodice with a racer stripe in the back. The lace can seem a little crazy to me really quick, but, again, I think I see the woman who would be wearing this. Althea likes what she did and whatever.

Casanova successfully avoided the slutty slope with his dress. It's really cute. It's fitted black leather with lace at the shoulders. The lace also creates a really elegant frame for the bare back. He thinks it's sleek and flawless. He's very happy with it. Anthony Ryan's look is next. It's cute. It's a white and black high-necked blouse with a lace back and white slacks. He thinks that the back of the blouse will really give a surprise to the judges. I think this look is really cool. Everything from the length of the blouse, which just brushes the top of the slacks, to the cut which is not form-fitting- it's all really cool. Uli tells him that it's perfect as his girl is walking. Wendy's look is next and it's a cocktail dress in black. It's really interesting. It's short with an architectural half-coat sort of effect that has these blade-like protrusions at the neckline. Also, there's lace at the waist and it's all very elegant. Wendy says that she's proud of the look and the collection that it's a part of. She's so happy to be back.

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