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Reunion Season 4

Heidi says that she wants to know how it has been for Victorya, and Tim points out that Victorya just had a show at Fashion Week. Everyone applauds and she tersely thanks them. She says that it was a lot of work, but the turnout was great and she has gotten some good write-ups. Tim earnestly congratulates her again, because it's quite an achievement to get your stuff shown.

Heidi asks the designers, based on their first impressions of each other, who they thought would be showing at Fashion Week. Marion (totally forgot about him) says he immediately thought that Carmen would be a finalist. She tells him that he's very sweet. Jack -- who looks perfectly healthy, yay! -- says that he honestly thought that everyone was very talented. Heidi directs the question specifically to Stephen, and he tells a story about watching Rami spend hours and hours draping his first design. He thought he was going to be in trouble, but, in the end, the dress was gorgeous. Stephen was blown away.

Heidi says that she wants to "cut to the chase" and bring out the finalists. First up, it's Christian, he poses all haute couture behind the scrim before he comes out. Heidi asks him how long he spent on his hair today. He replies that he did it four times, and Heidi assures him that it's "fierce." Oh God, this is going to be a long show.

Next up is Jillian, who picks up her skirt behind the scrim. She comes out and tells the designers that she had missed them. Heidi introduces Rami as the "draping master" and he snaps his fingers before entering from behind the scrim. It looks a little like he was forced to snap like that. When Chris is introduced, he just sort of waves from behind the scrim. Apparently, no amount of coercion was going to make Chris curtsy or whatever the hell he was supposed to do before entering.

Tim says that the judges were gridlocked this year regarding the third person who would show at Fashion Week, and they show a clip of the final judging. We watch Chris and Rami watching themselves and, at one point, Chris reaches over and puts his hand on Rami's knee. Rami, in turn, puts his hand on top of Chris's hand. I guess they have just shared a stressful experience (including the months of designing their own collections at home) and have a bond, but that felt really intimate.

When the clip is over, Heidi asks them how they felt after the judges' decision. Now Rami has his arm around Chris. What is happening? Chris says that he still gets choked up thinking about it. He was shocked when she said that he was in. And, when she said that Rami was in he thought, "You are not doing this!" But, they did. Rami pats Chris on the arm and says to Heidi (while looking at Chris) that the judgment brought him and Chris closer together because they knew they had the same battle facing them. And they also knew they wanted to get married? They're totally in love right now.

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