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Reunion Season 4

Now Heidi is going to ask some questions from the Bravo website. The first one is for Kevin. "Are you sure you're not gay?" He laughs good-naturedly and says that he's been hanging out with Jack and thus has visited every gay bar in New York. He lives with his girlfriend though, so all us boys are safe. Heidi asks Tim if he's convinced and he says, "Not entirely." Then, there's a montage of gay Kevin stuff. First, we see him on the phone with his girlfriend and he tells her that he has "plenty of girlfriends." But he's talking about the boys. Does that make him gay? Then, we see Jack telling him that he's going to speak "fluent gay" by the time he leaves. Next, Kevin wakes up and Jack is nude in the apartment. He says that he doesn't like clothes. Kevin interviews that Jack needs to put clothes on and he's trying so hard to not be gay on the show. Okay, Kevin says stupid stuff, but none of that really makes him look gay. It's more like gay stuff while Kevin is there. We see some outtakes of the menswear judging, and Heidi apparently told Kevin that his outfit looked "too fruity." That was why she didn't want Seal wearing it. Kevin interviewed that if he had to make an outfit for Seal, he would make one even more effeminate. Kevin laughs nervously while watching that part. Jack interviews that he finds Kevin adorable. Then, they're in the apartment and Kevin says that it was weird sleeping alone and Jack offers to sleep with him. What a giver! Finally, Kevin interviews that, maybe he was gay in a former life, but the gay stuff doesn't bother him at all. Poor dumb Kevin. Tim concludes that if Project Runway didn't make Kevin gay, nothing will.

The next audience question is "Who do you think will win the fan favorite challenge?" Instantly, everyone chimes in with "Chris." Carmen says that it's between Chris and Christian. Jillian thinks it will be Sweet P, who says she would like the $10 grand prize. Chris says that he voted for Tim, which is pretty brown-nosey and not at all possible.

Heidi says that she gets asked whether or not the show is as grueling as it appears on TV. Lord knows it looks like Heidi is working her ass off all of the time. The designers emphatically say that it is very rigorous. Christian says that "it's a tranny mess," which just became funny to me. I don't know what happened. Christian says that they work all of the time and they're always eating Chinese food, which he points out "is not pretty for everyone." Apparently, they fart. Now, they cut to a shot of Victorya right now and either they're tagging her as the farter or the editor was like, "Chinese food...let's show Victorya." Either way: nice. Jack says that being on the show was the best diet ever, because he lost ten pounds. Of course, he had some other stuff going on too. Carmen says that she also lost weight. Elisa offers up a great quote from Kit, who is sitting right beside her but still gets quoted. Kit apparently said, "My boyfriend put a woman on the plane, and he's gonna get back a 13-year old boy." Elisa says that when women lose weight, it comes from their boobs and butts. Chris says that the show began at full speed on the first day and they never had time to stop and think about it. It was a blur.

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