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Reunion Season 4

Segue where Tim tells us that the hard work and lack of sleep make some of the designers feel like they were living on another planet, and one of the designers had a reputation for seeming like she came from another planet! He's talking about Elisa. She kind of dances around when she realizes he's talking about her. They show a montage of people talking about her being weird. We see the SJP challenge where she spit-marked her garment. They show her explaining something at the judging, and she was totally weird. I don't even know how the hell to describe it except that she was swooshing through the air and saying that sometimes you make a piƱata and sometimes you make couture. Yeah. She tells someone on a phone call that she had a dream that she was on an alien planet with cannibalistic humanoids. Jack interviews that she's "cuckoo" and says that she writes backwards in her journal. Kevin says that she is like Mork from Mork and Mindy. We see her spray something on a garment and she tells Sweet P that it dispels bad spirits and rejuvenates people. Chris tells her to keep her brainwaves off of him. We see him laugh real hard at that clip. Elisa says that she knows that people don't understand how she does things, but that doesn't make her methods not good. That's true. The montage gets applause when it's over. She explains the spit-marking as a way of blessing the fabric, which actually seems kind of sweet. She got the writing backwards thing from Leonardo Da Vinci as a way of writing poetry that was less conscious, which also seems kind of cool. But then Heidi asks her to tell her what her name is backwards and she instead says "Runway" backwards. That was stupid.

The next viewer question asks what the designers' favorite challenge was. Kevin says that the weight loss challenge was his favorite, while Christian liked the avant-garde challenge. He and Jillian also like the art challenge a lot.

Favorite part: Tim says that, whether it was a fun or difficult challenge, the show really took its toll on one of the designers. Roll the film! But, first, see Ricky looking really pissed off that they're about to show his mountains and mountains of bawling. It's so beautiful. The montage begins with Ricky saying that he doesn't cry much. In one, I swear to God, he's bawling while someone is asking him to state his name and age and where he lives. His hat is mesh. So many clips of crying. He cried with the client. He cried on the runway. He kept crying about sucking in his interviews. In one, he tells the interviewer that he's pushing his buttons. The guy's like, "I'm not trying to push 'em." Ricky's a disaster. The designers politely applaud when the montage is over. He looks embarrassed. Heidi has an audience question: why is Ricky such a crier? He's misting right now -- DO IT, RICKY. He says he's not going to cry, but Kit tells him it would be really good if he did. That's what I'm saying, Kit. He says earnestly and with no tears that the show was a very emotional experience for him, because he was finding out who he was as a designer. He didn't realize he'd cry like a woman, which obviously offends the women a little. But they don't make a big stink for fear of making him cry. Chris says that they all cried on the show. Ricky says that he doesn't care what people think about him. Rami says that he commends Ricky for being in touch with his emotions, which sounds so amazingly like a backhanded compliment. Tim then kills the party and says that he was thrilled to see Ricky win a challenge and even THEN he "turned that into a crying jag! Ha ha ha ha!" It's cruel and hysterical. Ricky does not find this funny, which I guess makes it better.

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